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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

79 people in court for littering offences

Denbighshire County Council’s campaign for cleaner, tidy streets is continuing with a total of 79 people being taken to court for littering offences.

The hearing at Llandudno Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday) heard cases of smoking related litter, food and drink containers being wilfully dropped in public.

The total amount of fines issued by the court was £3,250 with a total of £3,260 in costs.

Councillor David Smith, Denbighshire’s Cabinet Lead Member for Environment, said: “The majority of residents and visitors to Denbighshire act responsibly and dispose of litter lawfully in bins provided or they take their litter home. We thank them for their efforts to keep our streets in Denbighshire clean and tidy.

“However, there is a minority who think it’s appropriate to drop litter. It’s a blight on the landscape, it affects people’s quality of life and it’s one of the most common concerns raised by residents.  

"In recent times, the council has been running an awareness campaign, encouraging people to keep their communities litter-free and educating the public about the health dangers of issues such as dog fouling.  

“This matter is being taken seriously by the council and the enforcement activity against all kinds of environmental crimes continues."

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