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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Town council comes to rescue over vandalised Pengwern tree lights

* Let there be light: the Pengwern Christmas tree with its new set 
handed over to Deborah Halligan by town clerk Gareth Thomas.

The sad story of Pengwern's wrecked Christmas tree lights has had a happy ending - thanks to Llangollen Town Council.

llanblogger revealed yesterday how the lights were destroyed by vandals just a day after being officially switched on during a special event last Friday at which the Silver Band played and people gathered around the tree to sing carols.

Someone who helped put them in place said: "It was particularly dispiriting as I had spent most of Friday putting the tree up, rewiring the electrics and putting the lights on, only for it to be wrecked the following evening." 

But after hearing about the vandal attack, the town council sprang to the rescue and town clerk Gareth Thomas was out in Pengwern yesterday afternoon to fix a new set of lights in place.

He said: "The council was happy to help in the community's hour of need and supply a fresh set of lights which we had in stock."

Deborah Halligan, new chair of the Friends of Pengwern group, said: "Someone called me to say the lights had been vandalised, which was terrible to hear after we'd all had such a good time switching them on only the previous evening.

"We are very grateful to Gareth and the town council for supplying a new set of lights as a Christmas tree is nothing without them.

"Pengwern is a very close-knit community and someone has said they will now keep a close eye on the tree."

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