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Friday, December 9, 2022

Councillor grits pavements himself because county will do 'zilch' he says

* Cllr Felton's Facebook post shows him gritting the pavement on the bridge.

A town councillor has taken to gritting pavements on the bridge himself after claiming the county council is doing "zilch" about how slippery they become when it freezes.

Scott Felton posted on Facebook this morning: "Just to be clear folks, absolutely nothing has so far happened to deal with the slippery conditions now being experienced as a result of the loony decisions to use that type of paving stone and other materials on Castle Street.

"The main issue seems to be the more exposed area of the street across the bridge. I'm led to believe DCC is fully aware of the issues but as residents can see, ziltch has happened.

"So, as a private individual but also as a town councillor, I have taken matters into my own hands and gritted the downstream pavement across the bridge from the Bridge End to Bridge Street."

He adds: "If peeps are concerned about the icy/slippery conditions, they should consider using this one pavement to cross the river. If I had the time, I'd have gritted both pavements.

"I know lots of people have taken to walking in the road preferring to battle the traffic rather than chance the icy pavement, but if you can avoid this please do so."

Llanblogger has asked Denbighshire County Council for a response. 

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