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Friday, December 30, 2022

Cat Meade gives more details of her 'living nightmare' in Spain

* Cat Meade, left, with son Connor and her mother in Benidorm.

Cat Meade, who is stranded in Spain along with her mother and young son Connor after the older lady took ill on a Christmas holiday, has posted her latest social media update on what she's started to call her "living nightmare".  

Learning of their plight on Facebook friends back home have started a Gofundme page to help, which has so far attracted donations totalling over £1,100 of its £2,500 goal.

Yesterday evening an upset Cat wrote: "Good news! Mum got discharged today, allowed back to hotel with the oxygen (as I sourced as requested by her doctor).

"We have a 'fit to fly with oxygen and no nurse required'. We were delighted, got mum back to hotel and settled, so happy just to be out and doing great.

"Three hours later the insurance call and say they advised the hospital not to discharge to hotel with oxygen .... so further neglect in that case. I'll speak about that another day. 

"I have approval from hotel and oxygen supplied by a professional, which the hospital told me to source.

"Insurance say I had to take her back to hospital! (melt down). I questioned why, as the doctor discharged her and I have a 'fit to fly ...'

"Very rude insurance lady told me they need her in hospital until they decide on pay out, not the doctor. My mum has been in hospital for seven days, chest clear and they discharged. Week or so or more before insurance decide. Really?

"I've called the British Consul here and been for second opinion, they all tell me we can fly, as long as we have oxygen and the longer we stay the more unlikely they pay. And are racking up daily fees for us.

"I feel we are being held captive over insurance and money. We all need to get home and its been a living nightmare.

"I want everyone to know about this and when I get home and get my head back in the game I'm taking this further. For now I'm taking control and getting us on the next flight, will fight insurance when home, I'm not being held captive!"

* Cat's page is at: 

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