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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

County responds to claims it's ignoring bridge footpaths ice

* Cllr Scott Felton gritting the bridge footpath last week.

Denbighshire County Council has responded to claims that it should do more to keep the footpaths on Llangollen bridge free of ice.

Llanblogger revealed last week how a town councillor had taken to gritting pavements on the bridge himself after claiming the county council was doing "zilch" about how slippery they become when it freezes.

Scott Felton posted on Facebook: "Just to be clear folks, absolutely nothing has so far happened to deal with the slippery conditions now being experienced as a result of the loony decisions to use that type of paving stone and other materials on Castle Street.

"The main issue seems to be the more exposed area of the street across the bridge. I'm led to believe DCC is fully aware of the issues but as residents can see, zilch has happened. 

"So, as a private individual but also as a town councillor, I have taken matters into my own hands and gritted the downstream pavement across the bridge from the Bridge End to Bridge Street."

The county council has now replied to Llanblogger's request for a comment.

A spokesperson said: "Denbighshire county council are currently only gritting priority gritting routes, which would include Castle Street, Llangollen. As a general rule Denbighshire does not routinely treat any footways or cycle tracks during any adverse winter weather. 

"It is the policy of the council to begin snow clearance on footways only once the main carriageway precautionary salting routes have been fully opened up to vehicles."

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