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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

MS backs campaign to reverse 20mph speed limits

Sam Rowlands, MS for North Wales, is backing a campaign to try and reverse plans to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit in towns across Wales. 

Mr Rowlands, Shadow Minister for Local Government in the Welsh Parliament, was responding to an email from a South Wales man who has started a petition against the move. 

Mr Rowlands, who recently supported campaigners in Buckley fighting against this introduction, said it was about time Welsh Government started listening to local people. 

He said: “It really is quite alarming to see the Welsh Government riding roughshod over people’s views and not taking any of their concerns into account. 

“In the email I received it stated that over 50% responding to the consultation on the 20mph limit last year were not in favour of the proposal yet Welsh Government ignored this and rejected the result. 

“I feel so sorry for the people of Buckley who are having to cope with this 20mph limit and next year many more of our towns will suffer the same fate. 

I do support letting councils put 20mph speed limits outside schools, hospitals and other areas where evidence shows it’s a benefit, but not a blanket 20mph speed limit across urban roads in Wales. 

“Monmouthshire County Council in South Wales have already said they plan to reverse the 20mp to 30mph on some roads which is a clear indication that the proposal is flawed. 

“It is about time Welsh Government started listening to local people instead of making undemocratic decisions. Meanwhile I urge all authorities to take the same stance as Monmouth council and listen to the locals and make the decisions which affect their residents.

The new default speed limit to 20mph, which is due to be implemented in September 2023,  will affect 30mph roads with street lights fewer 200 yards apart but this can be overturned by local authorities.

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