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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Helicopter rescue drama above Pengwern Vale

* The Coastguard helicopter at the scene. Pictures courtesy of Phil Jones.

Two rescue helicopters were called to a hillside near Llangollen this afternoon (Thursday) to fly a man injured in a parapenting accident to hospital.

It is believed the casualty failed to make a successful launch from the usual site where a club flies from above Pengwern Vale.

Parapente is the term for a glide using an aerofoil parachute.

Helicopters from the Coastguard, the air ambulance and a vehicle ambulance were all seen to be in attendance together with the local mountain rescue team. 

The casualty was first winched aboard the Coastguard aircraft which then landed in Pengwern Vale to make a transfer to the air ambulance.

It is understood that the injured glider's friend called for the rescue parties immediately it happened. 

llanblogger has no information as yet on the casualty's condition.

* The injured man is winched to safety.

* ... and transferred to the waiting air ambulance.

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