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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Fire station crew thanked for helping rescue family's dog

* Ryan and his mum along with Tilli the dog meet the crew at Llangollen Fire Station.

A Llangollen family visited Llangollen Fire Station this week to thank crew members for their part in the rescue of their pet dog Tilli last month.

Watch Manager Ben Lloyd took to the station's own Facebook page to explain: "Tilli had been missing for three days during the heatwave last month, but was spotted by Ryan, a local lad, as he drove by - he saw the dog stuck and struggling in the retaining wire that holds the rockface back on the side of the road.
"As a coincidence, Ryan is also the nephew of our Crew Manager, Gareth.
"Ryan shouted to his mum - 'Mum, there’s a dog caught on the fence up there and there’s no one with him!'

"Ryan's mum remembered seeing a Facebook post about a missing dog, and by looking at the post they realised that the dog in trouble was Tilli.
"Ryan and his mum returned to where the dog was stuck, and contacted the dog's owner. By chance we happened to be passing when returning from a call - they flagged us down and we helped release Tilli, who was generally OK but dehydrated.

"We're happy to report that Tilli is doing fine and suffering from no ill effects from her ordeal!" 

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