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Thursday, August 14, 2014

New regional emergency planning service formed

Councils in North Wales have joined forces to provide a new regional emergency planning service, the first of its kind in the country.

The team will bring together the six councils’ emergency planning teams ensuring a coordinated local authority response to any major incidents in North Wales such as flooding, severe weather, power cuts, transport or industrial accidents.

The service will assist the councils to fulfil their role in preparing with the emergency services and other organisations, plans to assist in a co-ordinated, multi agency response to a major emergency.

The 14-strong team will operate from two hubs based at Mold and Conwy and will be managed by the Regional Manager Phil Harrison, former Emergency Planning Manager for Wrexham and Deputy Regional Manager Jonathan Williams, formerly Emergency Planning Manager for Conwy.

He said: “We have brought together the expertise from all the North Wales Emergency Planning teams to harmonise all the various plans, reduce repetition of effort and ensure that the response from individual councils is timely and robust.

“As always we will continue to work closely with colleagues from other agencies involved in emergency response and recovery such as the police, fire, ambulance and Natural Resource Wales.”

Colin Everett, Chief Executive of Flintshire County Council, the lead authority for the new regional scheme, said: “Severe weather which has caused, for example, flooding emergencies in North Wales, requires a coordinated response from the emergency services and councils.

"It is essential that we are ready to respond to such incidents and any other type of emergency situation. Planning ahead is the most effective way to ensure that if emergencies do happen they have as small an impact as possible on local communities.

“Our new approach in North Wales has streamlined the service and will ensure that we use our resources in the most efficient and effective way to deliver a first class response for residents and businesses.”

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