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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Faery Festival takes off in a big way

* A little fairy at the event.

What happens if you get people from Cornwall, Kent, Northumbria, Cardiff and the Fylde coast, plus the Midlands and the Wirral all interested in myth and magic, and put them in a big tent in Wales for the weekend? 

The second annual Legendary Llangollen Faery Festival, that’s what.

People from all over Britain came to enjoy what is fast becoming one of the major fairy events in the UK.

Over 200 craft workers, healers, fortune tellers, live-action role players, musicians and speakers descended upon us last weekend, all with a mind to have a good time, sell their wares and enjoy everything fairy. 

They pitched tents and stalls and some set up inside the huge tented arena of the Llangollen Pavilion, and all this with the threat of the tail end of Hurricane Bertha looming and poised to strike.

Saturday dawned fair and a glorious day was enjoyed by hundreds of visitors.  

Wishes were posted on the wishing line for the fairies to collect and grant, and the wing and wand making workshops were spectacularly busy. 

Circus skills were taught, the mystery of how to play a didgeridoo was revealed and live music and wonderful food was enjoyed. The stallholders did a cracking trade and the little, (and large), ones had their faces painted and were told some amazing tales by expert storytellers.

Author and co-organiser, Fiona Maher was promoting her novel. 

She said: “My book, The Last Changeling, is hardly fairy friendly and I never thought people who really believe that fairies are sweet creatures would like what I’ve written.

“Luckily, they are only interested in fairies and fey culture being promoted, so if I just happen to be the conduit for that, then they are inclined to forgive me.  Actually some of them prefer their fairies to be less sugary.”  

She added: “The threatened rain arrived at teatime just as the daytime events concluded, and most of the outside stalls moved inside the arena for the next day. We only had the vintage funfair and three stalls go home - all vowing to return next year.  

“That night we all danced at The Grand Faery Ball, so no-one much cared what the weather was doing outside!  

“Fervent spells were cast for good weather for the Sunday. After a rain lashed night, the water stopped pouring from the sky just eight minutes after the event opened again.  There were a few squalls in the afternoon, one huge gust of wind, and that was Bertha's last farewell.  

“We all survived and are already planning for 2015.”

* Pictures courtesy of Alan Potts

 * Activity inside the Pavilion.
* Stylish dance routine.
* Fairy with owl.
* Outside on the field.

1 comment:

  1. had a great time will defiantly go again well done all involved for all your hard work roll on The legendary llangollen faery festival 2015