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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Health centre foundations taking shape

llanblogger reader Mike Connolly has sent in this picture of the foundations of the town's new health centre which is being built on the site of the old Woodlands Hotel in Mill Street.

Mike says: "The photo which looks like Llan's very own Roman excavations actually shows how fast things are progressing with the new health centre."

Read Construction has its own Facebook page containing the latest information on the development, which you can see at:

This gives a schedule of works showing:

Completion of Demolition Works – 8th August 2014
Commencement of Substructure Foundation Works –11th August 2014
Commencement of Superstructure Works – 13th October 2014
Completion of Roofing Works – 27th February 2015
Completion of Internal Fit Out Works – 5th June 2015
Building Completion – 12th June 2015

There's also a development website at:

* Below, a picture from the site shows concrete being poured into the foundations.

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