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Monday, April 1, 2024

Special Llangollen initiative to fix pot holes

* A use may have been found for all those old blue waste bins.

Llanblogger understands that another creative initiative from a Llangollen group - believed to be the first in Wales - is to be put to Denbighshire County Council to fix all the pot holes in the roads in the county.

With the roll-out of the Welsh Government policy of residents multi-sorting recycling into the three-tier trolley bins, the current blue bins become redundant.   

These bins were purchased at some expense by the county from Germany some years ago and are of high grade, wear resistant polythene. 

Group representative David Davies said: "The idea is to recycle these bins by melting them down and then pouring the liquid polythene into the multitude of pot holes in the county. 

"The pot holes would be air-blasted clean and then, using the liquefying heat power units that are on vehicles used for white lining, bins would become molten on site and poured into the holes sealing the solidifying polythene securely into the hole.

"Coloured blue, the results of the work will be clearly visible, much appreciated by motorists and will reduce the damage claims against DCC."

As of today, April 1st a meeting with DCC to discuss the scheme has yet to be arranged.

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