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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Call for A5 west of Llangollen to go back to 30mph

* The section of the A5 which a motorist wants to see revert to 30mph.

A motorist has made an early request to a Welsh Government minister for consideration to be given to allowing a stretch of the A5 just outside Llangollen to revert to a 30mph speed limit.

On Tuesday Clwyd South Senedd Member Ken Skates, in his new role as cabinet secretary for transport, announced that the government will “listen to the people of Wales” and work with councils to deliver “targeted change” to the implementation of the controversial 20mph limit introduced last year. 

Alex Hammond of Llantysilio immediately emailed Mr Skates – with copies to Denbighshire County Council members and officers and the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent - calling for a return of the former 30mph limit on a section of the A5 just west of Llangollen. 

He said: “Following the very welcome news yesterday that the WG is proposing a review of speed limits and reverting some roads or sections of road back to 30mph I would be grateful if my request below relating to a section of the A5 in Llangollen is given due consideration to revert to 30mph.

* The current 20mph restriction in place on that section of road.

“The section where I am requesting a review takes place is on the A5 known as Berwyn Street on the West side of Llangollen.

“Taking into account the existing guidance in place when the 20mph limit was introduced I do not believe this section of road met the requirements for a reduction last year.

“The housing density along this section of road does not meet the documented criteria and there is no apparent promotion of a walking or cycling benefit from a speed reduction on this stretch of road.

“As you are also aware the A5 is a major trunk road and this is unnecessarily reducing speed on this section of road.

“To the best of my knowledge it is not an area where accident/incident frequency is prevalent and the previous 60mph section of road leading beyond Mile End - TNR towards Berwyn has already recently been reduced to 40mph.

“I use this section of road frequently and can see no reason why it needs to be 20mph and when compared with other similar sections of A and B roads in north Wales and Wales in general, which are still at 30 and 40mph, this stand out to me as section of road which has been incorrectly assigned a 20mph limit.

“For instance, the approach to Glyndyfrdwy goes from 60/30/20 whilst at Llidiat Y Parc it remains at 40 throughout and they have higher housing densities directly on the road that this section.

“This proposal/request means that the more residential areas of the A5 in Llangollen remain at 20mph but this section which has less residential housing density reverts back to 30mph.”

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