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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New Llangollen Repair Cafe announces its first dates

The first monthly session of the new Llangollen Repair Cafe will take place at St Collen’s Community Centre next month.

Repair cafes are free, community-run meeting places where locals can bring broken items for volunteers to fix.

People in Llangollen have been working hard behind the scenes for some time to organise a regular one for the town.

Last Saturday at St Collen’s Community Hall things finally came together when 22 people turned up to find out more about the concept and to volunteer their services to help out.

It was decided to go ahead with holding regular Saturday sessions, from 11am-3pm, at the same hall, and dates for the first seven were arranged, starting on May 18 and continuing on June 15, July 13, August 17, September 19 and November 16.  

A spokesperson for the repair cafe said: “Last Saturday was a great meeting for volunteers. We had 22 people who were enthusiastic and ready to get involved.

“We will try to let people know what type of repairs can be done. It all depends on how many volunteers we have and what they can do. We will start small and build in more things as we develop.

“We still need volunteers and resources. We need donations because we have to pay each time we hire the community centre.

“Refreshments and repairs are by donation of what people can afford. We will be grateful for any support. We want people to spread the word.”

Llangollen Food Share has already pledged its support for the cafes. 

In a post on its Facebook page, it says: “We are proud to be partnering with and supporting Llangollen Repair Cafe, a community venture where members of our community can bring broken items to be fixed once a month at St Collen's Community Hall. 

“The repair cafe shares our values of reducing waste, community supporting each other and saving money and we look forward to working together for our mutual benefit and that of our community. 

“The first Llangollen Repair Cafe will be Saturday May 18, from 11am-3pm. Come along to have an item for repairing, if you'd like to support whether it's repairing, serving teas, organising or any other way.”

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