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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Llangollen entrepreneur launches networking brunch

* Claire Marie Quant.

Claire Marie Quant, owner of Clarity Matters, the communications specialists based in Llangollen, has become an ambassador for The Growth Coaching Collective and hosts her next networking brunch on May 7 from 10 am-12noon in the town's Cottage Tearooms.  

The Growth Coaching Collective has announced its business networking events are now international with ambassadors in Marbella, Spain and Tipperary, Ireland.

They join 10 others hosting networking events throughout the UK and beyond.   

Claire is a seasoned communications specialist on a mission to empower business owners to confidently find their voice and shine in the right places.  

With 30 years of experience in the media, she is the owner of Clarity Matters - The Communications Specialists and brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in journalism and PR.

Her expertise extends to crafting copy that aligns seamlessly with the individual style and personality of her clients and their business vision.  


Claire said: I’m delighted to host the GCC (Growth Coaching Collective) Network in Llangollen, to help and support entrepreneurs within the Borderland areas of Denbighshire, Wrexham and Shropshire.  


“It can be a lonely business being an entrepreneur and business owner, so the more we can do to share our experiences, our chances of success are raised.

"When we surround ourselves with other people in the same entrepreneurial world we can give each other support, strength, and inspiration to build a successful community with a mix of industries and experiences. 


I’m excited to see the variety of business owners who will join us in Llangollen on Tuesday, May 7 to build our new community and embrace the GCC Network motto of Together We Succeed.” 


The Growth Coaching Collective, founded by entrepreneur and sales strategist Kerry Boland, operates networking brunches that are both supportive and inclusive.

* Kerry Boland.

Claire says they bring a new vibe to the networking scene that is "collaborative rather than competitive".  


Kerry explains: “Growing up as a child I experienced bullying and felt as though I never really fit in anywhere, as a result I found networking difficult to navigate.

"The Growth Coaching Collective was a pipe dream that is now a reality - I have created inclusive spaces that promote connection, collaboration and community, where there are no cliques and no ick! The mantra of The GCC is that together we succeed. 


“It is my mission to show survivors of domestic abuse that they can still be successful entrepreneurs in spite of their experiences not despite them and I am building a legacy here with the Growth Coaching Collective. I am creating lots of safe, welcoming and inclusive networking spaces that will help to nurture and support future entrepreneurs.” 


* Interested attendees can get their tickets here  

For event dates and to book visit 


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