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Friday, February 11, 2022

County explains marks in road at Parade Street junction

* The lines etched into the roadway at 
the junction of Parade Street and Castle Street.

Denbighshire County Council has responded to concerns about the new pavements being created as part of the Llangollen 2020 project.

As the work progresses contractors appear to have marked out the line of the new paved areas to be created around the corner of the Parade Street/Castle Street junction using saw cuts.

The shape of the lines cut into the carriageway has prompted the campaigning Facebook page Llangollen Advocate to post: "Llangollen 2020 works ... Follow the cut mark to see the planned line of the new pavement from Parade Street down to the bridge.

"As well as significantly reducing the width of the exit from Parade Street to Castle Street for the buses and larger vehicles, it certainly appears to be choking down the road.
"Have Denbighshire County Council got this right? Cllr Brian Jones?"

Cllr Jones is the council’s Lead Member for Waste, Transport and the Environment, which is overseeing the 2020 project.
The post adds: "Let’s not forget DCC Cabinet told the team to test this out for operability before finishing it off. DCC officers were very confident of their computer modelling though. Let’s hope the design team are keeping a close eye on this."

A number of people have commented on the post.

One said: "That looks like the buses will have to go on opposite side of road to get out."


    Another said: "They are off their heads. Large vehicles have to cut on to the opposite carriageway already ... this is suicidal and already a longstanding problem for buses using East Street.

A spokesperson for the county council said: "Work continues on the construction of the Parade Street/Castle Street/Bridge Street raised junction table.

"The junction table is designed to reduce vehicle speed and promote pedestrian movement.

"The works involve widening pavements to make it safer and easier for pedestrians, including vulnerable road users, to walk around the town centre.

“The saw cut line, on the junction of Parade Street and Castle Street, delineates the extent of the excavation and not the proposed kerb line. The finished kerb line will be 30cm inside the current saw cut line.”

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