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Friday, April 24, 2020

Hard-hit launderette fights to stay open for the community

* Blue Bay owner Jayne Davies.

A Llangollen business owner has revealed her struggle to stay open to serve the community despite suffering “massively” because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Jayne Davies, who runs the Blue Bay Launderette in Regent Street, says she has so far received no money from the government’s Business Grant Fund and is not entitled to claim anything from the loss of earnings scheme because she has stayed open as a service to the area’s vulnerable people.

Jayne said: “I own the business and have done for 30 years. Sarah Edwards has worked for me for the last nine years and is very popular with the customers.

“I decided at the start of this pandemic that I would try and keep the launderette open as it is an essential service. The community have supported me for 30 years so this is my way of supporting the community during their hour of need.

“Unfortunately, we have lost a huge part of our business as most of our business caters towards commercial work.

“However, we also cater to the domestic community which includes high risk and vulnerable people who are self- isolating.

“Since the pandemic started we have started to offer a pick up and delivery service to help such people plus whoever would like to take advantage of it.”

Jayne added: “We have been massively impacted by the virus as have most businesses but by remaining open we are not entitled to the government’s 80% loss of earnings, plus we have not received any money from the business grant fund as of yet.

“I have had to reduce the days we are open from six to three to try and make opening as viable as possible.

“It was recently arranged for us to have funding from the Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group for key workers to bring their laundry in to be done free of charge.

“This is to try and generate more business for us as we are not very busy plus help the key workers, However, no one has taken advantage of this or shown interest as of yet.”

Since contacting llanblogger Jayne says she has been made aware that the Llangollen help group received a £1,000 sponsor donation for key workers to have free laundry.

Mike Connolly, a volunteer with the coronavirus help group, said: "I call them unsung heroes.

"They do all their work with a smile. We are lucky to have them, and, during coronavirus they are collecting, washing, drying and returning to over-70s and those self-isolating on medical advice."

* Sarah Edwards who also works at the Blue Bay Launderette.

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