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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Disabled woman thanks canal rescue family

A disabled woman has thanked the family who rallied round to help her after she fell into the canal
on a recent trip to Llangollen.

* Llangollen Canal, scene of the rescue.
Jackie Martin has taken to Facebook to say: “We were on holiday in Wales for a fortnight and on Wednesday August 3 while my husband was pushing me along the canal  - I am in a wheelchair - our West Highland Terrier got tangled around his legs and he let go of my wheelchair without putting on the brakes and unfortunately I ended up in the canal, wheelchair and oxygen bottle included.

“Luckily a lovely family came to our rescue, we think it was a mother, her grown up daughter and two grandsons.

“They were a tremendous help by helping my husband pull me out of the canal, arrange for someone to go to the nearby hotel to get towels and to call an ambulance as well as the two grandsons going into the canal to retrieve the wheelchair and oxygen bottle.

“We can't thank this family enough but unfortunately we did not take their names and not sure if they live in the area or like us were on holiday.

“If anyone can help us find this family please let us know.

“Also if anyone found an iPhone, a little geocaching bag containing tweezers, torch, pens etc, a geocoin with a mammoth on and any other geocaching items could you let us know to.

“Many thanks the people of Llangollen and hopefully you can help us.”

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