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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Town council decides against taking over Market Street toilets

* The public toilets in Market Street.

Llangollen Town Council has decided not to pursue the transfer of the town's existing public toilets in  from Denbighshire County Council. 

After thorough deliberation by the full Council at their meeting last night (Tuesday) it was resolved that neither taking ownership nor covering the full cost of Denbighshire County Council running and maintaining the public toilets would be feasible for the Town Council.

Un a statement town clerk Gareth Thomas says the decision was based on financial projections indicating "substantial losses" associated with the operation and maintenance of the facilities. 

If these projected losses had been added to the Town Council’s budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, it would necessitate a minimum precept increase of 57%, translating to an additional £45.26 per household. 

"Such an increase would place an undue financial burden on the residents of Llangollen," councillors concluded. 

The statement adds: "Denbighshire County Council has indicated that should the Town Council agree to the transfer, significant further expenditure would be required to upgrade the facilities to meet modern-day standards. This additional financial commitment would exacerbate the fiscal strain on the Town Council and its residents.

"The Town Council acknowledges the importance of public toilet facilities for both residents and visitors to Llangollen. However, the financial implications of taking on the full cost and responsibility of these facilities would compromise the Town Council's ability to fund other essential services and initiatives that benefit the community.

"Llangollen Town Council remains committed to working collaboratively with Denbighshire County Council to explore alternative solutions that ensure the continued availability and upkeep of public toilets in the town without imposing unsustainable costs on the local population."

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