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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Councillor raises band hut graffiti attack with police

* The graffiti sprayed on the band hut wall.

A concerned county councillor has raised a graffiti attack on the Llangollen Silver Band hut with the police. 

Band members saw the huge white letters daubed on the rear, riverside wall of their Parade Street headquarters when they turned up for practice there on Monday evening. 

Now Llangollen county councillor Karen Edwards says she will be giving details of the act of vandalism to local police. 

A conductor with the band described the attack as "disgraceful."

The defacement of one of the town's best known buildings which took members years to complete, has sparked anger on social media.

Comments include:

“Dear me, that’s so disrespectful to the people who put so much time and effort into that building , including my own father.”

"We work so hard to look after the band room. It’s run completely voluntarily and all we want it to be able to bring happiness to the community. Breaks my heart that people find it appropriate to do this.”

“The Police Station is across the road, hopefully they will have some footage of the culprits.”

“What is wrong with people, constantly wanting to destroy things, why? So sad.” 

“Narcissists like to see their names emblazoned on roads and paths in our park this week.”

“Omg that’s awful!”

“Disgraceful lack of respect.”

“Such a shame people work so hard to keep the band going and building looking nice.”

“Any CCTV? There was a spate of this late last year - culprits were on camera.”

“A stupid thing to do.”

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