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Monday, March 25, 2024

Fightback begins against loss of town's public toilets

* The public toilets under threat in Market Street.

The area’s Senedd Member has intervened, the mayor has been asked to host a public meeting and residents and businesses have been urged to lobby council chiefs about a controversial suggestion that Llangollen should lose is sole public toilet.

Llanblogger revealed recently that Denbighshire is proposing to rid itself of all the county’s 20 public conveniences in a bid to ease its under-pressure budget to the tune of around £200,000 a year.

Pointing out that it doesn’t have a legal duty to provide toilets, it has suggested that they could be taken over by town and community councils. It is also aiming to promote a scheme under which businesses are paid a small sum each year to allow the public to use their toilets.

Over the weekend the proposal’s affect on the public loos in Market Street has sparked a barrage of angry criticism on social media and the beginnings of campaigns to save them.

Most notable move is a request from Clwyd South MS Ken Skates to county leaders to take another look at the plan, which is currently going through the scrutiny process but has yet to be considered by the cabinet.

Mr Skates, who only last week returned to the Welsh Government as secretary for transport and North Wales, told llanblogger that he had decided to become involved after being requesting to do so by a number of his constituents.

Yesterday (Sunday) a resident sent an email – copied to llanblogger – to town mayor Paul Keddie, who is also one of the area’s county councillors and a town councillor, asking if he would organise and chair a public meeting at which the proposal could be fully examined.

In his email Rod Holt said: “I am contacting you after seeing and hearing the residents of Llangollen concerns during the last week on Social Media and home-made signs that are visible on Market Street.

“The proposed closure of these Toilets/Facilities will have a huge impact on our Town.


“I would also hope after the outcry from residents and businesses in the last few days you would support this campaign and use your powers to get DCC officials to also attend and field questions etc from attendees.”

Also over the weekend, another resident urged people opposed to the proposal to write letters of protest to senior council leaders.

On social media Alex Hammond sent out the message: “Want to save Llangollen’s toilets and the jobs of those who maintain them?

“Don’t delay! Llangollen needs you to personally tell Denbighshire County Council how you feel about this.”

He goes on to give the email addresses of two senior figures at the council identified as most responsible for the proposal. He also emailed the officials himself asking for more financial detail behind it.

Some of the comment on social media: 

* “I know this will not go down well nut when you go abroad you pay a tourism tax and this goes to the local councils. Perhaps will pay to keep the toilets open. Just a thought."

* Once people start to use doorways they will soon, reopen them! by far the worst decision by any council in such a massive tourist area shame on you!!!! 

“Who makes these ridiculous decisions to close them in the first place?"

* "These toilets serve a great need to our visitors and to see them closed down like some of the other empty buildings just makes our town look unkempt.

"All the effort going into getting the Eisteddfod up and running with popular bands and people make their stupid decisions annoys and baffles me.”

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