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Friday, March 22, 2024

County's Cabinet approves care home fees increase

Denbighshire County Council’s Cabinet have approved the recommendation of an increase of 8.8% for care home fees for 2024/25.

Councillor Elen Heaton, Lead Member for Health and Social Care, who presented the recommendation said: “I’m pleased that Cabinet has unanimously agreed to approve the proposed 8.8% increase in our residential and nursing home care fees. 

"Considering that this is significantly more than the 3.8% increase we’ve received in our settlement, this decision reflects that, even in the face of significant financial challenge, Cabinet is prioritising the provision of care in our community. 

"We currently spend around £13 million on approximately 364 placements in 82 homes. Now that Cabinet has approved the increase, our expenditure is set to increase by over £1 million. 

"This increase strives to strike the delicate balance between navigating challenging financial constraints and ensuring that we are maintaining a sustainable future for the care sector in Denbighshire.”

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