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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sound baths bring wave of new attendances at St Collen's


* Last year Father Lee Taylor became known as the "Squid Vicar" after appearing in the TV game show.

In what he sees as a ground-breaking move towards spiritual well-being and inclusivity, Llangollen's Father Lee Taylor has introduced sound baths at St Collen’s. 

He says the innovative move has attracted widespread attention, drawn large numbers of spiritual seekers and created a "harmonious blend of tradition and modern spirituality".

Fr Lee explained: "The incorporation of sound baths involves the use of therapeutic sound frequencies to create an immersive and spiritually enriching atmosphere.

"Since implementing sound baths, St Collen’s has witnessed a significant increase in attendance, with spiritual seekers from diverse backgrounds drawn to the unique and inclusive nature of these mid-week events.

"They have also sparked conversations within the community, fostering a sense of unity and providing a safe space for individuals to explore their spirituality in a non-traditional yet deeply meaningful setting.

"The idea is to be enveloped by gentle sound waves promoting relaxation and tranquility. Let the harmonic frequencies wash away stress and tension, transporting you through the ages, creating a melodic bridge between ancient echoes and present serenity..

"A candlelit atmosphere allows you to bask in the warm glow of candlelight, casting ethereal shadows against time-worn stone walls. The ancient church provides a sacred canvas for the dance of light and shadow."

He added: "In embracing sound baths we are creating a sacred space that resonates with the spiritual seekers of today. 

"They have become a magnet for those yearning for a different kind of spiritual experience. Attendance at the sound baths reveal a remarkable surge in participation compared to our regular Sunday morning services. 

"I believe that the Church must adapt and evolve. Embracing change doesn't diminish our reverence, it enhances it. Change is not a threat, it's a catalyst for revitalization. 

"The response from our congregation and the community at large has been heartening, emphasising the need for inclusive and innovative spiritual practices. As we navigate the changing landscape of congregational dynamics, we are seeking to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and inspired.”

Fr Lee is recognized for his progressive outlook, forward thinking.

Last year he became dubbed as "The Squid Vicar" after appearing in the Netflix smash-hit reality TV show: Squid Game: The Challenge. 

In 2019, he revived an ancient prayer for blessing beer for the Real Ale Train at Llangollen Railway, bringing a touch of ancient tradition to the modern world.

During the pandemic he introduced a series of uplifting online singalongs that transcended borders and  his virtual congregation grew into a worldwide community seeking solace in the power of music.  

Fr Lee is currently studying for a part-time research degree in religious and mystical experience.

Fascinated by the profound mysteries of near-death experiences he took part in the Near-Death Experience Spectrum at the Monroe Institute in 2023. 

He says his forthcoming presentation at Emmanuel College, Cambridge promises to be a "captivating exploration of his experience at The Monroe Institute, intertwining spirituality, and the scientific pursuit of understanding the mysteries that await us all". 

* The next sound bath session is at St Collen's on Friday March 8, from 7-8pm. There is no booking or cost but donations are welcomed.

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