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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Skates highlights increasing violence against teachers

Member of the Senedd Ken Skates has highlighted increasing violence against staff in Welsh schools.

During First Minister’s Questions yesterday (Tuesday), the Clwyd South MS said: “We must respect our teachers and not tolerate violence or abuse against them.”

Mr Skates met with the Wrexham Primary Headteachers' Federation late last year and will meet with local heads, Wrexham MS Lesley Griffiths and Education Minister Jeremy Miles today.

In the Senedd, he asked Mark Drakeford: “How is the Welsh Government supporting schools facing increasing instances of abuse and violence against staff?

The First Minister responded: “There is a duty on local authorities and schools to ensure schools are a safe environment for all. Recognising the impact that poor behaviour can have on the well-being of staff, we continue to fund education support's well-being services. That service provides free advice and support for schools across Wales.”

The issue was one of a number raised with Mr Skates during his November meeting with Wrexham headteachers.

Addressing the First Minister, he said: “There are various challenges in education that have been amplified and intensified as a result of the pandemic, and one is the sharp increase in abuse of teachers and teaching assistants. Attacks have become more frequent, including in primary schools.

“Do you agree that we must respect our teachers and not tolerate violence or abuse against them?”

Mr Drakeford told the Senedd: “I absolutely associate myself with what Ken Skates has just said. There is no tolerance at all by this government of abuse of public servants going about the service that they provide, and that is certainly true of teachers and others in the classroom.”

The First Minister continued: “Condemnation by itself is never sufficient though, is it? We have to look at the causes of those difficulties and we have to provide help to those who face them in the jobs that they do, and that’s the work that the Minister for Education has embarked upon.

“There’s a toolkit for senior leaders in the education services being prepared to help them to find ways of de-escalating those difficulties; to try to find a way of managing the tensions that arise in the lives of children that spill over into the classroom; to find a way of managing those things by recognising the root causes of them and finding effective ways of helping.”

After Senedd proceedings had concluded, Mr Skates said he has also made personal representations to the Education Minister regarding funding cuts.

He added: “I have also invited the Minister to meet with me and a delegation of local parents in Clwyd South so he is able to hear first-hand their concerns and the impact these measures would have on their children and local schools.

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