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Thursday, January 11, 2024

MS hits out at 'confusion' over 20mph speed limit enforcement

Sam Rowlands, Member of the Welsh Parliament for North Wales, has hit out at the latest "confusion" over the enforcement of the 20mph speed limits in Wales. 

Mr Rowlands, a harsh critic and long-standing campaigner against the legislation, was commenting after Wales' First Minister,  Mark Drakeford, reportedly said that drivers shouldn't be fined if they are "genuinely confused" as to whether they are in an area covered by default 20mph speed limits. 

Mr Rowlands said he was astounded with the comments and said the First Minister clearly did not understand the law and the possible repercussions for motorists. 

He said: “Quite frankly I am amazed at what I am hearing from the First Minister. If he does not understand how things work then how does he expect the general public to do so. 

“To say that drivers breaking the speed limit won’t be prosecuted if they are genuinely confused is absolutely mind boggling. If you break the speed limit you have committed an offence. 

“For the First Minister to then turn round and say instead police should educate the drivers is utter nonsense. He is a politician and does not control prosecution so it will be up to the Welsh police forces to deal with. 

“There is total confusion about the whole policy and I am extremely concerned that the enforcement will be so varied depending on where you live and it will be the motorists that bare the brunt. 

“With almost 500,000 people signing a petition against this ludicrous new law which is slowing Wales down in every sense of the word, it is about time it was scrapped. 

“The two Labour candidates vying for the First Minister’s job are saying they will not change the policy but will review its implementation. That is completely ridiculous. It needs throwing out. 

“The whole idea is bonkers and has been a complete shambles from the very start with many roads,  which have never had any accidents on them, being changed to 20mph on a whim and for no other reason than the Welsh Labour Government can make these ridiculous and unwanted laws. 

“I once again urge the public to get behind me and support the campaign to get this law thrown out and keep fighting by signing the petition against the blanket 20mph speed limit.” 

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