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Monday, September 25, 2023

MS reveals fears over 20mph limit as sign on A539 painted over

* The new 20mph road sign on the A539 approach to Llangollen has been daubed with black paint.

Sam Rowlands, Member of the Welsh Parliament for North Wales, says he is worried about a further crackdown on speed limits in Wales. 

Mr Rowlands, a harsh critic of the new default 20mph speed limit, which was rolled out on September 17, is urging people to keep signing a petition against the "disastrous" law.

He said: “The petition against this ridiculous policy is heading towards 400,000 signatures and continuing to grow but still Welsh Government will not listen. However, I do feel we must continue the battle. 

“I remain extremely concerned about the whole business and feel so sorry for drivers who are suffering because of this legislation. 

“My inbox is overflowing with angry and frustrated people complaining about the new speed limit and how it is like driving in a funeral procession on our streets. 

“I even spoke to one woman who said one of her pleasures was to go for a drive and that has now been taken away from her because of confusing road signs, constant changing of gears and braking because of cars going so slowly through our towns. 

“I will be supporting a vote of no confidence in Mark Drakeford’s Transport Minister, Lee Waters.  The disregard the Labour Party have shown for the genuine concern and frustration of people across Wales is staggering. 

“The Labour Party have even admitted to more 20mph speed changes over the coming months and I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg and he has further speed limit changes on the horizon, with 40mph, 50mph and national speed limits being reviewed. 

“All of which is bad news for motorists and will certainly not encourage people to come to Wales.”

In the Senedd this Wednesday (27/09/23), the Welsh Conservatives are bringing forward a vote of no confidence in the Deputy Minister for Climate Change given the record-breaking number of signatories to the petition.

The motion which will be debated on Wednesday reads: 

To propose that the Senedd:

  1. Has no confidence in the Deputy Minister for Climate Change given the record-breaking number of signatories to the petition: 'We want the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the disastrous 20mph law'.


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