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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Councillors get stuck in to clear rubbish from river

* On the rocks: Cllr Felton fills a sack with rubbish from the river.  

Two Llangollen councillors - assisted by a waterborne friend - went into action to clear away some of the rubbish left behind in the river after a weekend of warm weather.

County Councillor Karen Edwards joined Town Councillor Scott L Felton scrambling around on the rocks in the middle of the Dee left exposed when water levels are low.

They're a favourite place for people to gather when temperatures rise but a large number leave their rubbish strewn around the area.

In a Facebook post Cllr Felton said: "After the predictable problems faced by Llangollen at the weekend, myself assisted by County Councillor Karen Edwards have just been down on the rocks below the bridge to clean up the filth left behind.

"Whilst there, two canoeists came paddling along and kindly retrieved some rubbish from the bit of bank below the Royal Hotel, so a shout out for them."

* A passing canoeist helps clear rubbish lodged on the bank near the bridge.

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