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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

MS urges people to oppose new 20mph speed limit

Sam Rowlands, Member of the Welsh Parliament for North Wales, is urging people to sign a petition against the Welsh Labour Government’s plans to impose 20mph on restricted roads. 

Mr Rowlands, Shadow Minister for Local Government and a harsh critic of the proposals said: “For the past 12 months I have been supporting campaigners in Buckley, who are totally against the implementation of such a scheme in their town. Despite public opinion Welsh Government decided to impose this across the whole of the country.

“Like most people I am not against 20mph speed limit outside schools, hospitals and other areas where evidence shows it’s a benefit, but a blanket 20mph speed limit across urban roads in Wales is just not right. 

New research reveals that cutting speed limits on urban roads to 20mph does not significantly improve safety and according to the government analysis, the new law will cost the Welsh economy £4.5bn and £32.5m to implement.

“Instead of slowing Wales down, Labour should grip the wheel and get Wales moving again with a pro-growth, pro-business, pro-worker programme that works for those who need to drive.

“I would urge everyone who feels strongly about this issue to sign the petition as I have done and let us try to see this scheme kicked into touch.”

He says the petition is available at:


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