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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Island removed as junction work continues

* The bollard island at the A5/Hill Street has been removed. 

The bollard island at the A5/Hill Street junction has been removed by contractors.

Working on behalf of the county council and the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent, they moved in on January 9 to begin a six-week upgrading programme there.

This will include the creation of three new signalised crossings.

Two of these will be on the A5, one from the front of number 4 Berwyn Street to the side of the Armoury, and the second from the front of M’Eating Point to the front of the Welsh Methodist Chapel.

The third crossing will be on Castle Street, near the A5 junction, running from the side of the chapel to the front of the shop opposite.

The priority of the junction of Hall Street and Hill Street will be amended, with the existing bollard island there being removed. A new uncontrolled crossing will run between the Armoury and the Grapes.

There will be a new stop-line position marked on the A5 in front of the junction.

However, llanblogger recently reported how a concerned resident, after a long study of the issue, was worried that the new-look junction could be dangerous to pedestrians and had expressed their fears to the county council and the Welsh Government.   

The resident, who did't wish to be named, told llanblogger earlier this week: "The Welsh Government has not answered my emails yet. I've stated to them the safety issues and asked if they think the junction is safe with the junction partially blocked at every red light from any vehicle and with no pedestrian refuge island on the uncontrolled crossing. 

"They have asked the CEFNFFYDD (North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent) to answer. CEFNFFYDD have said they are not responsible for the safety issues and not responsible for passing it as safe. 

"In fact, nobody has actually confirmed who is responsible for passing it as safe. CEFNFFYDD say that the Welsh Government are responsible for that. So basically, they keep passing the buck between themselves."

The Welsh Government has already declined to comment. Now llanblogger has asked Denbighshire County Council for a response. 

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