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Monday, January 16, 2023

Cancer Research Christmas quiz raises record amount

According to the organiser, this year's Cancer Research UK Christmas Quiz proved very popular with more sheets than ever being returned and a record sum of £831.37 being raised for the charity.  

Judith Smith said: "Our grateful thanks to everyone who supported us.

"For the first time we had four absolutely correct answer sheets, and with only three prizes to give, had to bring in the proverbial hat.  

"The brilliant four who returned those perfect answers were Keith Stacey of Newport, Gwent; Jane Hurle of Llangollen; Kathryn Dunn of Llangollen and Will Craven of Ponthir, South Wales.

"Many congratulations to them, but there were so many more hard on their heels.  

"Ben McDonald of Bristol scored 49 ½, and behind him came 5 people with 49 – the Hindle family of Ponthir, Keith and Pat Campbell of Northampton, Helen Watson of Cleobury North, Fiona Black of Poynton, and Chris Potter of Llangollen.  

"In truth it was most impressive that so many of you scored so very highly this year.  A big pat on the back for everyone – and please come back for more next December."

Answers are:


21           Good fodder   (4)                                                               Goat

22           Work hard   (6)                                                                   Beaver

23           Before rate changes   (8)                                                    Anteater

24           Sounds like a shy bear?   (5)                                              Coypu

25           Lament over awful childhood illness   (9)                         Porcupine


26           Pastime   (5)                                                                     Hobby

27           Italian river in an empty dish   (4,3)                                 Barn Owl

28           Cowardly end of a joker   (6,7)                                         Yellow Wagtail

29           Grumble   (6)                                                                    Grouse

30           This bird sank teeth into another   (7)                              Bittern


31           Russian bulldog?   (3,7)                                                   Red Snapper

32           Alien on an island   (6)                                                     Mullet

33           Get river out of the ditch   (5)                                          Tench

34           Taken for a ride on a harbour   (7)                                   Haddock

35           Fantastic!   (5)                                                                  Brill


36           Reversing the floor covering is chancy   (8)                    Tamarisk

37           Senior statesman   (5)                                                       Elder

38           Assassinated PM reconstructed   (5)                                Maple (PM Olof Palme of Sweden assassinated 1986)

39           Hear a sheep?   (3)                                                            Yew

40           Longing for Aberdeen?   (5,4)                                           Scots Pine


41           Medical officers going to Ecuador   (8)                           Mosquito

42           Bird meets fish   (9)                                                          Cockroach

43           Fair play   (7)                                                                     Cricket

44           Irritate Romeo   (6)                                                            Chafer

45           Timeless dwarf   (5)                                                            Midge

Wild flowers

46           Turning problem needs an article   (6)                             Yarrow

47           Maybe a fur coat?   (5,6)                                                   Lady’s Mantle

48           Current physician in appeasement   (8)                            Snowdrop

49           Savage without direction (6)                                             Violet

50           Edge fastener   (7)                                                              Hemlock


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