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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Skates warns of 'terrible consequences' at hands of UK Government

Member of the Senedd Ken Skates (pictured) has expressed his fears for the ‘terrible consequences in store for us all’ at the hands of a UK Government he branded the most right-wing in modern history.

During Trefnydd Lesley Griffiths’ Business Statement in the Senedd on Tuesday (September 27), Mr Skates said: “I’d be very grateful for a statement regarding the economy. It’s pretty clear now that the UK Government, and the Chancellor in particular, has lost control of the UK's economy, with terrible consequences in store for us all. 

“Could we have a statement, please, from the Economy Minister, specifically concerning businesses and the likely consequences for Welsh businesses of a plummeting pound, soaring interest rates and also rocketing inflation?” 

On Friday, Mr Gething had tweeted: “The Tory policy to deal with the cost of living crisis: handouts for the wealthy, hardship for working people. They've failed to grow the economy, and now after 12 years the mask has fully slipped - this is an economic package that would make Thatcher wince.” 

Ms Griffiths told Clwyd South MS Mr Skates: “I absolutely agree with you. I think to give the rich tax cuts is not policy that most people would think was very sensible, and clearly there are many concerns you can see right across the markets, and the international markets too just really have lost confidence and trust in the UK Government. 

“I will certainly ask the Minster to bring forward a statement at the appropriate time, but I think it's really important we give the Minster time to have those discussions with the UK Government.” 

After proceedings, Mr Skates added: “It’s becoming clearer and clearer each day that this is the most right-wing UK Government in modern history. The latest incarnation isn’t even bothering to try and hide its true colours. As usual, the rich will get richer while the majority of British people suffer.”

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