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Monday, September 19, 2022

'Moving performance' of man's life journey comes to Community Hall

* Phil Okwedy will speak at St Collen's Community Hall on September 30. 

Cardiff-born dual-heritage storyteller Phil Okwedy has created a moving performance about his life journey, based on a collection of letters from his father to his mother.  

And he will present to an audience at St Collen's Community Hall on Friday, September 30, at 7.30pm.

Phil was brought up in foster care and never lived with either of his parents.  He only found the letters after both his parents had died. Phil’s father came to Wales from Nigeria.

This performance piece, The Gods are All Here, skilfully weaves myth, song, folktales and legends of the African diaspora with Phil’s personal story, uncovering his experiences of growing up as a child of dual heritage in Wales during the 1960s and 70s.

Phil said: "In sharing this show, my intention is that it resonates with other people, with their individual family stories, but also with the audience as a whole, because it is by working together that we ensure that equality, justice and freedom are experienced by all. 

"It is important to me to bring this work to Llangollen, which prides itself on being ‘Where Wales welcomes the world’ because of the International Music Eisteddfod held here every year since 1947."  

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