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Friday, December 31, 2021

Warning over scam email aimed at stealing your money

The North Wales Police Community Alerts network has just issued a warning about a fake supermarket chain email now doing the rounds.

It says: "Unfortunately scam messages are on the increase. 

"The latest one to come to our attention is a fake e-mail purporting to be from Asda claiming that you will get a £90 promo reward if you complete a survey. 

"The link leads to a website that is designed to steal your personal information and possibly your money.

"Please make sure that your friends, family and neighbours are aware that this is a scam.

"Also remember if you receive a suspicious email to forward it to the National Cyber Secirity Centre:

"As of the 30th November 2021 the number of reports to them stood at more than 8,700,000 which has resulted in the removal of more than 68,000 scams across 127,000 websites."

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