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Monday, May 24, 2021

Campaigner's update on Plas Madoc tip issue

* Plas Madoc household waste recycling centre.

A local tip campaigner has asked Llangollen’s two county councillors if they will confirm their “unequivocal support” for an arrangement to provide access to Plas Madoc household recycling centre for residents of the Dee Valley.

This comes after Phil Jones failed to secure any details of negotiations between Denbighshire and Wrexham, which runs Plas Madoc, to allow this to happen.

A few months ago Mr Jones organised a 900-signature petition calling for an agreement between the two councils which would mean Dee Valley people no longer having to drive over to Ruthin use the to tip there.

In his last update on the situation he said he believed the matter was due to be discussed at a meeting of a Denbighshire County Council local members and asked to be given details of the outcome.

But he now says: “I have been told by Denbighshire CC that the meetings of Dee Valley Member Area Group ‘are internal, non-decision making groups and MAG meetings, agendas and minutes are not open to the public.’

“Although these groups do not make executive decisions they presumably discuss matters of local importance and relay their views to the County Council's decision-makers.

“As there is no transparency to the workings of the MAG, but its role and the views expressed by the Group could be critical in the way the Council responds to our campaign for an adequate recycling service provision, I thought it was now very important to establish how our elected County Councillors view our campaign. So, I have written to them to ask a simple question. 

“This is what I said: ‘It has been well over a year since the closure of all recycling sites as a result of Covid 19 and the end to any informal access to the Plas Madoc recycling site.

“’Our campaign to establish a formal access agreement for residents of the Dee Valley has now secured over 900 signatures. I have a simple request - can you please confirm your unequivocal support for a service provision to provide access to Plas Madoc for residents of the Dee Valley?’” 

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