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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Balloons are back at the Pavilion ... but just for the day

* Up, up and away goes one of the scaled-down
 balloons from the Pavilion field.

 * Another couple of balloons get ready for launch.

 * Ballooning enthusiasts gather around the field. 

Balloons are back at the Pavilion after a break of a few years.

It's now some time since a regular balloon festival was held at the Llangollen venue and eventually lost to Oswestry.

But today (Saturday) the field around the Pavilion has become a launch-pad for around 20 scaled-down and manned balloons brought in by private enthusiasts from around Britain and Ireland.

A number were already there early on and began to take off assisted by their ground crews.  

Organisers have asked us to point out this is a private event and that they are not able to cater for spectators on the field. However, they say they are happy to have people watch the balloons from the canal towpath which overlooks the field.

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