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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Campaigners send out leaflets over Vicarage Road plan

Campaigners are distributing 500 copies of a leaflet setting out the case against a plan to build 99 homes in Llangollen's Vicarage Road.

Castlemead Homes recently submitted an application to the county council for the development, which includes a mixture of two, three and four bedroom detached and semi-detached properties.

But the scheme has sparked fears amongst people in the area that local roads will not be able to cope with the extra traffic it will generate both during construction and when the new homes are occupied.

Planning permission to build 54 houses on land adjacent to Vicarage Road was granted on appeal by Denbighshire back in 2001.

Attached to the original application was a Section 106 agreement under which the developer was legally bound to build a new access road to the site before the scheme was started.

The field above the main site has since been included in the Local Development Plan at the request of the Planning Inspectorate to encourage the building of more houses to meet local demand.

And Castlemead  recently submitted a new application to build a further 45 homes, making a total of 99 houses on four parcels of land.

A statement issued on behalf of the company by planning consultants in support of the application says it would not be economic to build the access road before construction work starts on the houses and suggests it should be put in place by the time the 31st dwelling has been occupied.

Transport consultants acting on behalf of the company say in their submission to the county council: “It has been demonstrated that the development traffic can comfortably be accommodated within the highways assessed indicating that the development will not materially impact upon the operation of the local highway network.” 

But an action group, started through Facebook, has expressed concerns about the impact of the development on local roads. 
It's latest step is to distribute door to door  500 copies of a leaflet setting out the facts as it sees them and encouraging people to make their views known to the county council ahead of its planning committee discussing the application.
In the leaflet, campaigners say: "The affect on traffic congestion and road safety will be immense and detrimental."  

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