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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Twenty Club's latest production

The Twenty Club is presenting Patrick Hamilton’s thriller Gaslight at Llangollen Town Hall on  the 5th., 6th. and 7th. March. 

This is a popular stage play, very melodramatic and with a sense of suspense maintained all the way through. 

It tells the story of a Victorian husband who, for his own reasons, wishes his wife to think that she is mad.  He almost succeeds but his plans are disrupted by s former detective, Rough, who appears as from nowhere to act as the lady’s saviour.

The action is set in the room of a four-storey house in London during the passing of one evening.

The dark gloomy setting is made even more frightening by the constant raising and lowering of the gaslights in the room, indicating that there is someone else in the house, roaming the locked apartments upstairs on the top floor.

The Twenty Club is delighted to welcome David Edgar as director for the production, his first in Llangollen;  David is assisted by Mike Law. 

The main roles are taken by Paula Sutton as the wife, Arwel Jarvis as the plotting, devious husband and Mat Oswald-Haggett as the mysterious but sympathetic Rough.

The various support teams are beginning their preparations, Bob Attenburrow has designed the set and rehearsals are well under way. 

This should prove to be an exciting and absorbing evening, with a number of plot twists and revelations, including a very dramatic final scene, so be sure to make a note in your diaries and let all your friends know.

Tickets will be on sale shortly from the usual outlets, with Mair Bowen in charge of the organisation of sales.

Two questions that you might like to consider before you come to see the play -  who was ‘The Cabman’s Friend’ and, `What happened to the Barlow Rubies – all twelve thousand pounds worth of them?’

You’ll find the answers revealed in the flickering glow of Gaslight.

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