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Monday, March 23, 2015

St John's facelift explained at open events

* St John's Church in Abbey Road.

A NUMBER of Llangollen people have been invited to one of three open events at which they can learn more about the £50,000 project to facelift the town’s St John’s Church.

Those connected with clubs or societies in the area and residents of Abbey Road, where St John’s is located, can go along to the church on either Thursday April 9 at 7pm, Wednesday April 15 at 7pm or Saturday April 18 at 1pm to be briefed by the vicar, the Rev Andrew Sully.  

He said: “We are holding the sessions because the major funder for this £50,000 project, WREN , a non-profit-making business  that helps benefit the lives of people who live close to landfill sites by awarding grants for community  projects, needs evidence that other town groups would benefit from the proposed improvements and potentially use our facilities themselves once the changes  are made.

“These facilities are basically a disabled toilet and improved kitchen area.

“At the moment St John’s offers a flexible, carpeted space for meetings but without a toilet and refreshment-making facilities we’re rather hamstrung. 

“We have therefore found the building a difficult venue to ‘market’ to potential user groups and its use by non-church groups has been limited.

“Yet it does have real potential and we know from the  number of people who approach us for meeting-space in St Collen’s Community Hall that these improvements will make St John’s a place that might be in use a couple of times in the week as well as on a Sunday.”

In his invitation to the open events, Mr Sully says: “You might not have the time to come to one of these open events. If this is the case but you’d like to support us nonetheless, could I ask you to write me an email or note of recommendation to our funders saying simply how your group might benefit from our venue and facilities if they were improved, or else saying more generally that you support our proposals and think they are a good idea and that we are moving in the right direction.”

Wine and nibbles will also be served at each open event.

* Mr Sully can be contacted at: The Vicarage Abbey Road Llangollen  LL20 8SN, by phone on 01978  860231 and 07779 418036, or by email at:



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