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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Councillor blasts government over A5 lane closure

* The long-running lane closure on the A5.

THE Welsh Government should “get its act together” and let people know what is happening with roadworks in the area, says Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies.

His plea comes after it was revealed that the neither the government nor the North Wales Trunk Road Agency (NMWTRA) have kept residents of the town informed about the long-running lane closure on the A5 approach the town in connection with a drop in the roadway.
Cllr Davies recently called for more information on the closure, which is controlled by traffic lights, and action on vehicles “rat running” along nearby Birch Hill to avoid the lights.  

He has now received a reply from Mike Hitchings, strategic highways manager for Denbishire County Council, which says: “The lane has been closed by Conwy Structures on behalf of NMWTRA/Welsh Government on safety grounds.
“The road has been substandard for some time and recent routine monitoring has identified a drop of approximately 100 mms over the last 10 years.

“This has triggered the closure which is needed to reduce the loading on the highway and the retaining wall.
“Several different monitoring arrangements are now in place to understand the failing which is thought to be carriageway rather than the 200-year-old Thomas Telford built dry stone wall.

“The road will remain under traffic management until repairs can be undertaken and this is very likely to be several months if not longer.

“I have raised the issue of the signs indicating long delays that are missing from the Llangollen side with NMWTRA and that will be rectified.

“NMWTRA and Welsh Government have not communicated with local residents. They have recognised that this is long overdue and a letter has been drafted and will be sent in the next few days.

“A meeting of officers from Welsh Government, NMWTRA, and Denbighshire is being arranged during the next few days to review the traffic management.

“I have asked the NMWTRA asset manager to ensure that they include a review of the Birch Hill, Maesmawr Road area.

Cllr Davies said: “Apart from the closure on the A5, I am also concerned that Welsh Water are closing lanes on the A539 to Wrexham to do mains water repairs.
“This will mean that visitors to Llangollen and North Wales will encounter delays and this will have a negative effect on the tourism trade.

“The Welsh Government needs to get its act together and let people know what is going on and who to contact in case of problems in a timely manner.

"DCC officers and councillors are getting stick from members of the public when this issue is not down to us."

1 comment:

  1. "this will have a negative effect on the tourism trade"

    Just wait till the summer gridlock that forms around the new Sainsburys starts affecting visitors' travel plans, leading to tourist diversions well around Llangollen. Will the council tax from the new supermarket outweigh the abandoned visitor revenue and the lost council tax from the town shops that close within 6 months of Sainsbury's arrival?