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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bulldozers move in on former Dobson & Crowther factory

* Bulldozers begin the demolition of the former Dobson & Crowther printworks. 

llanblogger reader Jude Williams has kindly sent us her picture showing demolition work going ahead today 9Wednesday) on the former Dobson & Crowther printworks on the A5.

The company recently moved to a purpose-built factory at nearby Cilmedw, allowing their original site to be redeveloped with a new Sainsbury's store.

However, a question mark hangs over whether the supermarket giant will ever move in after its bosses revealed recently that the future of their whole new store programme was being re-thought.

* On their respective websites developers J-Ross and builders Pickstocks both say work has started on the new Sainsbury's store.

The J-Ross news item says:

"J-Ross Developments Ltd has started construction on the next phase of its development in Llangollen, and will be working with its associated construction company Pickstock Construction to build a brand new Sainsbury’s food store.

"Two years ago J-Ross Developments gained permission from Denbighshire Council to relocate local employer Dobson & Crowther Ltd to a brand new purpose built printing facility at Climedw on the outskirts of Llangollen, and construct a new Sainsbury’s food store and car park on the old print works site.

* A picture which accompanies the news item on the J-Ross website. 
"Nick Scott, CEO of J-Ross Developments commented “We are delighted to be starting construction of the new food store for Sainsbury’s following the successful relocation of Dobson and Crowther to its new home a short distance away.”

"Dobson and Crowther moved from their old print works to their brand new facility half a mile away in October of last year.  

"Pickstock Construction intend to demolish their old premises during February with a view to starting construction of the new 3,205sqm Sainsbury’s food store next month.

"The riverside footpath which links the store to the town will also be improved to provide a safe and convenient pedestrian route to the town centre.

"Pickstock Construction has worked closely with Sainsbury’s new development team to plan the build programme, handing the new store over to Sainsbury’s at the end of the summer 2015."


Comment from Keep Llangollen Special (KLS) ...

It’s remarkable they’ve pointedly avoided pre-announcing Sainsbury’s decision whether to open or not here in Llangollen. Following a highly successful experiment in Home Shopping and Delivery – nearly £69’s worth of shopping costing just over £44 with a introductory offer - KLS is promoting this as a far superior alternative to the mediocre and spiritless experience of large-shed supermarkets.
It is inevitable that large-format supermarkets has reached their evolutionary dead-end and the leading chains will do as the banks has done and force customers to the Internet, leaving Express-type convenience stores in town centres for those who can’t access their websites.
We reiterate, whether Sainsbury’s do or don’t proceed, KLS remains focused and dedicated to making Sainsbury’s edge-of-town monstrosity unprofitable.
to the point where that to will be abandoned. Everything in our power will be done to support our local shops. J Ross is no friend of Llangollen, and neither is Sainsbury;s – they;re just hard-nosed business people determined to steal market share from small traders instead of generating new demand.
Martin Crumpton

Chair ΞKeep Llangollen SpecialΞ


  1. Making way for the new Morrisons store?

  2. Interesting that on both the Pickstock and J Ross websites it is stated that work has begun on the new Sainsbury's store in Llangollen yet on the Sainsbury's website the only proposed new stores in Wales are Haverfordwest and Mold.


      Tomorrow Llangollen?