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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Temporary road closure at Berwyn next month

Denbighshire County Council is making a traffic order prohibiting vehicles using part of the B5103 Chain Bridge Hotel at Berwyn for a period next month.

It says the closure is necessary to facilitate resurfacing by its works unit. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the period of closure.

The order is effective from January 20 until the completion of the works which is expected to be January 31.

In the first phase of the work the section to be closed to traffic is a Class III road known as Bryntysilio to St Tysilio Church which extends westward from its junction with the B5103 for a distance of approximately 70m. 

Phase 2 will involve the length of the B5103, Berwyn, which extends eastward from its junction with Bryntysilio to St Tysilio Church to its junction with the A542 for a distance of approximately 680m.

The recommended alternative route is, for phase 1, St Tysilios Church to Abersilio Maes Uchain to A542 Britannia Inn A542 to B5103 and, for phase 2, A542 to A539 to A5.                                                                 


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