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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Castle Street cashpoint wins a reprieve from NatWest

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* The NatWest ATM is staying in Castle Street. 

Clwyd South Senedd Member Ken Skates has welcomed a U-turn on plans to close a cashpoint in Llangollen. 

NatWest was due to start decommissioning its ATM on Castle Street in mid-November, with the company previously saying it had failed to come to an agreement with the landlord for a renewal of its lease. 

Mr Skates took the matter up with NatWest on behalf of residents and said he was pleased the cashpoint will now stay put. 

He said: “A number of residents in Llangollen got in touch saying they had heard the ATM would be closing. I contacted NatWest, who confirmed that was the case. 

“However, after I raised the matter with the company again they told me they were back in negotiations and were hopeful of an agreement. That was several weeks ago, and while many residents have since noticed that the cashpoint has clearly not been removed we still didn't really know what was happening.

“NatWest have today (Wednesday) confirmed to me that they have now agreed terms.” 

In an email to Mr Skates, NatWest said: “The new lease agreement has been agreed and is with the landlord for signing. This will now mean the ATM is staying in place. I know you received a lot of queries from constituents, so we’re happy for you to update them.” 

Mr Skates added: “For a town of its size, Llangollen isn’t particularly well-served by cashpoints, especially with the volume of visitors from all over the world it sees all year round. I’m pleased this has been resolved.  

“Usually when a bank announces something that’s that, so this is a welcome result.” 

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