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Monday, May 31, 2021

Residents invited to help shape council’s future plans

Denbighshire County Council is beginning to work on developing a new Corporate Plan, and would like residents to get involved and have their say.

The council has to produce a new plan every five years to help all of its services to work together, to achieve specific goals that will help to make Denbighshire a better place to live, work and visit.

The current Corporate Plan started in 2017 following a consultation exercise called County Conversation and will finish in 2022.

From the consultation, residents and the council identified priorities for Housing, Young People, Connected Communities, Resilient Communities and the Environment.

The council is now keen to continue the County Conversation and ask residents what the priorities should be for the next five years.

Councillor Julian Thompson-Hill, Lead Member for Finance, Performance and Strategic Assets, said: “It is vitally important residents take this chance to have their say on shaping the Corporate Plan and the priorities during the next five years.

“We had fantastic feedback for our last Corporate Plan and we want to continue that success to find out what's most important to you and help us to make sure we focus on the right areas.

“This is a great chance to have your voice heard, engage with us and help us continue to make Denbighshire a better place to live, work and visit.”

To help with this, the council is launching a survey and running some online focus groups.

The Continuing the County Conversation survey will be live online from May 24 to July 31 2021, with paper copies being distributed to home library service users or available to collect and return from libraries from June 1 to July 31, 2021.

The online focus groups will be hosted on Microsoft Teams in June and July.

To take part and have your say, please visit to complete the online survey and/or sign up for the online focus groups.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cllr Graham Timms gives update on 2020 project

County Councillor Graham Timms.

Llangollen county councillor Graham Timms gives his latest update to llanbogger readers on the 2020 plan which aims to transform the town centre. Cllr Timms chairs the 2020 Group which is in charge of the project:

"The plans for the new town centre are almost complete and a Denbighshire County Council consultation will take place over a three week period starting in June. 

"The consultation will give everyone the chance to see the proposals in detail and to submit their comments, both in person or online. 

"Denbighshire officers want to provide the opportunity for as many as possible to participate to share their views. 

"Initially Denbighshire intended to tarmac Castle Street at a cost of £500,000, but residents have consistently identified traffic and parking as their number one problem in Llangollen.

"Melvyn Mile [Llangollen's other county councillor] and I were both elected in 2017 having said that tackling these two issues were a priority to us. 

"The Llangollen 2020 group was set up in late 2017 and included both county councillors, two town councillors and two members of the Llangollen Chamber of Trade. Its task was to establish possible solutions and explore where any extra money needed would come from. 


"The most important consideration in making such big decisions has been to give everyone the opportunity to take part in discussions and offer their opinions and suggestions.

"This is why a professional consultation was carried out by urban planning consultants from Arcadis Consulting.  Denbighshire's plans will seem very familiar to those who have been following updates as they closely follow the proposals made by Arcadis in 2019.


"The new design for the town centre proposed by Arcadis had a price tag of between £1.5 - £2 million. However, since Denbighshire only had £0.5 million there was clearly a huge uphill struggle to find the money needed. 

"We have spent the last two years exploring every possible source of money to help to finance the final plan. This work has been driven forward by the Llangollen 2020 group, with much of the legwork engaging potential donors led by Robyn Lovelock [a town councillor] on a voluntary basis.


"As a result of this work, a complex financial package of £1.8million has been granted over the past two months that will enable the town centre regeneration to go ahead, with construction planned to start in the autumn. 

"This means the town has secured nearly four times the proposed initial investment in Llangollen and represents Denbighshire's biggest investment in our town for generations. 


"The plans will see the current brick pavements replaced not by concrete or tarmac, but by Yorkshire stone giving the town a long lasting quality feel. 

"The pavements will be edged with slate from our local Berwyn Slate Quarry on the Horseshoe Pass. Although these materials are much more expensive in the short term, they will last for a very long time and prove to be cheaper over their whole life. Importantly, local in line with Denbighshire's climate change policy


"Raised crossing points along Castle Street will make the town safer and much more pedestrian friendly, encouraging local residents who have been put off from visiting the town centre by its often hostile environment for the least mobile.


"Wider pavements will create more space for shoppers and visitors which will encourage people to stay longer and spend more in the town.


"We want more trees and plants in the centre of the town. Denbighshire are committed to planting huge numbers of trees in the next few years and their Tree Officer loves trees! 

"The controversy over the town hall tree is not in the hands of the Llangollen 2020 group, but the tree is certain to remain in its current place if it is healthy. 

"The tree is old, but it will stay unless the experts deem it to have come to an unhealthy or unsafe end to its natural life. Difficult decisions for a much loved tree! 

"If this is the case then an opportunity to plant one or two mature trees in that area could be taken, subject to Llangollen Town Council's decision as they own the land outside the town hall. 

"More widely, town and county councillors are looking at ways to improve biodiversity and green infrastructure across the town. Cittaslow has been looking at this and the AONB [Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty] is also on the case. 

"We hope that you will get involved in this final consultation so that together we can continue to influence the future of our town. 

"Consultations will be held online and in person in a way that respects Covid regulations. 

"As soon as final details are available we will be widely publicising how you can take part and we would appreciate your help letting people who are not online know that this opportunity is coming up." 

Friday, May 28, 2021

Dee Valley gets new bus service to link key destinations

* The new bus stops off at Plas Newydd.

A new bus service has been launched in the Dee Valley to provide access to some of the key destinations in this beautiful and historic landscape. 

The Dee Valley Picturesque Bus service is a circular route which will run every Saturday until October 2021, and will link Llangollen and the surrounding villages to popular local attractions including Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Wenffrwd Nature Reserve, Horseshoe Falls, Valle Crucis Abbey, PlasNewydd Historic House and the Horseshoe Pass.

It is hoped that this new service will enable people to visit these key locations without the need of a car and reduce the need for parking spaces, making it easier for those without their own vehicle to access these places, and helping to reduce congestion at some of the busiest sites in the Dee Valley.  

The service will also provide both visitors and local residents the opportunity to explore the wider area.

The service has been made possible thanks to funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund in Wales, and delivered in partnership by Denbighshire County Council and the Our Picturesque Landscape project, a landscape partnership scheme which is working to conserve and improve access to the inspiring landscapes of the Dee Valley and Pontcysllte Aqueduct and Canal World Heritage Site.

The Dee Valley Picturesque Bus Service 199 will operate Saturdays only until 30th October 2021. For the full timetable and ticket prices for the Picturesque Bus service please see Denbighshire bus timetable webpage or pick up a leaflet from Llangollen Tourist Information Centre.

Kate Thomson, Partnership Officer for the Our Picturesque Landscape project, said: “We are delighted to launch the Dee Valley Picturesque Bus Service.  

"This project was due to launch in 2020 but was delayed by the pandemic, so we are really pleased that this service will be able to run in 2021 and hopefully for many years to come.  

"By working in partnership with Denbighshire County Council, we have been able to ensure that the service complements existing public transport provision.  

"Connecting to bus timetables from Corwen and Wrexham makes the Picturesque Bus service the ideal option for planning walks in the area.  

"We are grateful to The National Lottery Heritage Fund in Walesfor making this service possible, and hope it will go on to be a great success and a real legacy for the Our Picturesque Landscape project.”

Cllr Brian Jones, Denbighshire County Council’s Lead Member for Waste, Transport and the Environment, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership on providing this bus service which will give visitors the chance to explore the area without the need for a car. 

"This service will reduce congestion and helps protect the environment, which is a priority for the council.”

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Wales' First Minister makes visit to Plas Newydd

* Fiona Owens' picture of Mark Drakeford at Plas Newydd this morning.

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford made a flying visit to Plas Newydd this morning (Thursday).

Although this has yet to be confirmed, it is thought he was at the world-famous home of the Ladies of Llangollen to be shown progress on a major works project by the county council that has included the restoration of over 50 metres of retaining stone wall, the installation of stepping stones across the Afon Cyflymen as well as pitch-paving to reduce the slipperiness on the summerhouse steps. 

This picture of Mr Drakeford and his aides was snapped by local resident Fiona Owens as she was taking her dog for a walk in the grounds just before 9am.

She told llanblogger: "It looked like they were being shown around the grounds and talking to staff."

This was Mr Drakeford's second visit to Llangollen in just over a month.

He was last here on a Senedd election campaign visit on April 22 when he took a stroll down Castle Street, accompanied by Labour UK leader Sir Keir Starmer, and later met staff at Llangollen Health Centre.

* Mark Drakeford and Sir Keir Starmer with Ken Skates MS during his election visit to town.

Try lording it with Land Rover's new supreme mud-plugger

Land Rover Discovery Sport road test by Steve Rogers

So, you would like a new Range Rover but 80 grand is too salty for the pocket.

Solution. Troll the second hand market, or maybe there's a better option... buy a new Discovery Sport.

This is as close as you can get to the big man without paying the big bucks, although you'll still need £45-£50,000 to get near that real feeling of luxury.

Discovery Sport first appeared at the end of 2014 replacing Freelander which was nothing like a Range Rover. The aim was to distance the Land Rover brand from the growing crop of SUVs and it has been a roaring success winning awards left right and centre and becoming more a part of the 'if only I had the money' Range Rover family.

It has been freshened up with new light designs front and back, along with upgraded engines and even more technology.

Petrol and diesel engines now have mild hybrid electric motors to harvest battery power under braking. This shaves gramms off emissions and gives a small lift to economy but it does not mean you can drive on pure electric.

The tech team has built a whole new infotainment system called Pivi which does so much I got bored going through it all, but being able to pair two smart phones at the same time is a bonus although the most impressive new feature is 'over the air' software updates which saves going to the garage and waiting an age for the latest navigation maps to be downloaded and such like.

Dashboard layout is unchanged so you still get the problem of the sun blocking out the screen at certain times of the day. It only happened once as the sun was hardly out during my week with the car but something to consider at the next big redesign.

For the most part the cabin with its quality trim is a classy, comfortable place to be, just don't think you are in Range Rover territory. It is a big car with lashings of space for five adults and, unlike most of its rivals, provides an extra two foldaway seats although they are best suited to young children.

Seven up obviously dramatically reduces boot space but sticking to five leaves a huge area and with all the back seats down a couple can happily sleep in the car. There is a good amount of casual storage space and seven USB sockets which will come in handy when it's a full house.

Disco Sport is a popular tow car with additional safety features to keep the van on the straight and narrow. I endured some big winds towing my 7.2 metre caravan but never felt troubled and you can keep an eye on the van on the move thanks to the surround camera system. The 'disappearing' tow bar can be deployed from the touchscreen and if you can be bothered to put in the trailer dimensions it will park it as well.

My wife won the towing economy challenge returning 25.3mpg over 160 miles, a decent return from a 200hp 2-litre diesel. Most of the towing was motorway which was the right territory for the nine speed auto box. We even managed 42mpg on a 100 mile solo drive.

Although it pulls strongly the Disco doesn't feel quick off the mark and is tuned more to comfort as opposed to the stiffer ride of an Audi or BMW so expect some rolling through bends.

Where it beats everyone is its off road credentials. How often will they be needed? Probably rarely but I know which car I would choose in a mud fight! It will even wade through 600mm if water, that's nearly as high as the average office desk.

The entry front wheel drive Discovery Sport is around £32,000 but realistically you need to push the boat out to soak up the luxury. My HSE was just over £52k with extras and was packed with the things we love as well as a full suite of safety features.

It is not a Range Rover or Audi Q8 but the Disco Sport has enough grandeur to at least make you think you are lording it.

Fast facts

Discovery Sport D200 HSE 9sp auto


2-litre turbo diesel; 204bhp

0-62mph 8.9secs; 117mph

41.4mpg combined

179g/km. 1st VED £1,305

Insurance group 33

Towing capacity 2,500kg

Computer firm helps school set up coding lab

* Managing director David Pinel and Jasmin Parry, tech support analyst, with 
pupils of Ysgol Y Gwernant and the new equipment. 

Representatives from Llangollen's IT Pro Support, went along to Ysgol Y Gwernant to present equipment for the school's new coding lab.

Kit handed over included four Raspberry PIs with monitors.

Company managing director David Pinel explained: "Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation of how things work. 

"It also teaches them how to solve problems in a logical and creative way. This is an important reason that coding should be available in schools, so children learn these skills while they’re young."

County seeks feedback to identify homeless risks

Denbighshire County Council is seeking the views of residents, schools/colleges and other key organisations as it looks to develop a new project to help people identify whether they are at risk of homelessness at a much earlier point.

Homelessness means not having a safe place to live. 

This can include living in unsuitable accommodation, ‘sofa-surfing’ (staying in someone's home unofficially) and sleeping rough (sleeping outside).

If the council and other organisations can work with at-risk individuals earlier, there is a better chance people will be able to receive the help they need before there is a genuine risk of homelessness.

The council says it would like to know what people think this project could or should look like.

To have your say and get involved, visit the following web page and follow the link to complete the online consultation survey

Paper copies of the survey will also be available in Denbighshire Libraries/One Stop shops, as well as the following locations in Rhyl: Tŷ Golau, The Women’s Centre, and St Mary’s Church.

The deadline for responding to the consultation is June 13, 2021, and it is possible to take part without leaving your contact details if preferred.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Eisteddfod responds to decorated bridge reaction


* An artist's impression of how a decorated bridge is intended to look.

Llanblogger’s recent story on Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod’s plan to launch this year’s festival by transforming the ancient town bridge into a giant work of art has split local opinion.

The eisteddfod has commissioned internationally renowned artist Luke Jerram to wrap the 60 metre-long bridge in a giant patchwork reflecting the crafts and cultures of Wales alongside the festival’s participating nations. 

While the festival will mainly be held online this year, organisers hope the eye-catching Festival Bridge will also attract people to visit the town this summer.

Since the story appeared on the blog last Friday, to be shared on social media, over 100 people have commented via Facebook.

While some described it as “a great idea” and said “wow, can’t wait,” others were more critical and said things such as “waste of money” and “ridiculous, awful and expensive”.

Others questioned how appropriate the decoration would be on Grade 1 Listed structure.

Former deputy town mayor, Issy Richards, questioned whether bodies such as Debighshire County Council, which is responsible for the bridge, or ancient monuments body CADW had been consulted about the scheme.

Llanblogger sought the reaction of the eisteddfod, which replied: “We are very much looking forward to working with people from the local community of Llangollen on the bridge artwork for this year’s Eisteddfod. 

“The artist, Luke, is hoping people will send in fabric contributions for the giant patchwork art installation, which is intended to celebrate the town of Llangollen as the home of the Eisteddfod, and the traditional crafts and cultures of Wales. 

“With this year’s event being held mainly online due to the pandemic, we are hoping the artwork will help keep the spirit of the Eisteddfod alive in Llangollen. 

“We’re actively working with local organisations including Denbighshire County Council and CADW, who have been very supportive of the plans. 

The beauty of the town, and the support of the people who live there, is such an important part of the event’s unique appeal and success.”  

The bridge artwork aims to connect and extend the Eisteddfod’s creativity out from the field where it is normally held each year into the town, transforming and animating Llangollen for the whole world to see.

The festival says it is offering anyone, from local residents in the area and fans of the Eisteddfod to the friends and families of people participating, the chance to get involved.

They are asking for 1m x 1m fabric squares which will be stitched together into a giant patchwork and hung over the bridge. Ideally the patches should be bold in design, so the image stands out when seen from a distance.

People are asked to submit their patchwork by 30 June 2021 and to visit[KL1] for details, information and terms and conditions.

Denbighshire County Council has been asked for a comment.

Care recruitment sessions to be held

Denbighshire County Council is holding two online care recruitment sessions.

The council is looking to recruit new staff into a number of care positions, with positions including community based health and social care support workers, day care assistant, night care assistant, and domestic assistant.

The majority of these roles will be based in the south of the county and you will be working in the community, supporting people in their own homes, so for these roles the ability to drive is most often essential.

There are also vacancies in our residential care home, Cysgod Y Gaer, Corwen, for both contracted and supply hours.

The virtual recruitment events will be held over Microsoft Teams on June 4 and June 10.

As part of these events there will be some group activities to take part in.

Each session will run for one hour, starting at 10am, followed by a 20 minute interview in the afternoon.

For more information contact 01824 706200 or

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Essential work planned for A483 through Wrexham


Essential work is to take place on the A483 in Wrexham between junctions 5 and 7 to increase the length of two central reserve crossovers together with drainage and barrier upgrades.

The works will begin on June 1 and are programmed to take six weeks. These crossover improvements are vital to ensure contra-flow arrangements are in place to facilitate future carriageway resurfacing work. 

The existing surfacing in this location requires replacing later this year.  This work has to be carried out to maintain the condition of the road and to protect the safety of the travelling public.

 In order to carry out the resurfacing work later this year as quickly and as safely as possible, traffic will be placed into a contraflow arrangement using the crossovers in the central reserve. These crossovers have been assessed and identified as needing to be upgraded to ensure they are safe for use when required.

The majority of the current works will be carried out under continuous lane two closures in both directions. Additionally, there will be full nighttime closures for four consecutive nights at the start of the project to install a temporary protective barrier system and at its completion to remove the barrier.

The first set of overnight closures will take place between Mold Road Interchange (J5) – Gresford Interchange (J6) in both directions from June 1st-3rd - the diversion route will be via the A541/A5152. The second overnight closure will be between Gresford Interchange (J6) to Rossett Interchange (J7) from June 3rd to 5th – the diversion route will be via B5102 and B5445. The final overnight closures will be between July 7th-11th and will affect traffic between J5 and J7 on different nights.

To minimise disruption one lane is available during the daytime to allow traffic to pass in both directions and the most disruptive works have been scheduled overnight. 

The planning for this work has been agreed with Wrexham, Cheshire West & Chester Councils and Highways England.

 Deputy Minister for Climate Change with responsibility for transport Lee Waters said: “Investing in and maintaining our infrastructure in North Wales is vitally important.  The work is essential to maintain this section of the A483 which is a crucial part of the infrastructure around Wrexham, as well as being a crucial link with South Wales and England. The safety of the travelling public is our priority, and this work will allow the later more substantial work to take place with less potential disruption.

Road users can find out the latest traffic information and project updates on the Traffic Wales website or Twitter channels: Traffic Wales North & Mid.

'Talking' scheme for unpaid carers launched

Unpaid carers in Denbighshire are being asked to take part in a new talking scheme.

Push to Talk is a Denbighshire County Council project to help address feelings of isolation and loneliness among unpaid carers.

They will receive information and equipment that they can use to call other unpaid carers to have a chat at an agreed time.

Cllr Bobby Feeley, Denbighshire’s Lead Member for Well-being and Independence, said: “This new project helps give people in a similar situation a human connection allowing them to interact with other unpaid carers from the comfort of their own home.

“Small connections every day are proven to help mental well-being and self-esteem and this project also provides a supportive community.”

As part of its Corporate Plan, the Council has committed to supporting unpaid carers by improving the services that exist and ensuring young, young adult, parent and adult carers are aware of the support available to them.

* For further information contact

Monday, May 24, 2021

Campaigner's update on Plas Madoc tip issue

* Plas Madoc household waste recycling centre.

A local tip campaigner has asked Llangollen’s two county councillors if they will confirm their “unequivocal support” for an arrangement to provide access to Plas Madoc household recycling centre for residents of the Dee Valley.

This comes after Phil Jones failed to secure any details of negotiations between Denbighshire and Wrexham, which runs Plas Madoc, to allow this to happen.

A few months ago Mr Jones organised a 900-signature petition calling for an agreement between the two councils which would mean Dee Valley people no longer having to drive over to Ruthin use the to tip there.

In his last update on the situation he said he believed the matter was due to be discussed at a meeting of a Denbighshire County Council local members and asked to be given details of the outcome.

But he now says: “I have been told by Denbighshire CC that the meetings of Dee Valley Member Area Group ‘are internal, non-decision making groups and MAG meetings, agendas and minutes are not open to the public.’

“Although these groups do not make executive decisions they presumably discuss matters of local importance and relay their views to the County Council's decision-makers.

“As there is no transparency to the workings of the MAG, but its role and the views expressed by the Group could be critical in the way the Council responds to our campaign for an adequate recycling service provision, I thought it was now very important to establish how our elected County Councillors view our campaign. So, I have written to them to ask a simple question. 

“This is what I said: ‘It has been well over a year since the closure of all recycling sites as a result of Covid 19 and the end to any informal access to the Plas Madoc recycling site.

“’Our campaign to establish a formal access agreement for residents of the Dee Valley has now secured over 900 signatures. I have a simple request - can you please confirm your unequivocal support for a service provision to provide access to Plas Madoc for residents of the Dee Valley?’” 

Further consultation on county's walking and cycling routes

The second phase of an active travel consultation has been launched in Denbighshire.

The county council is working with Sustrans Cymru as part of the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Network Map consultation on improvements to walking and cycling routes in the county.

A total of 375 people responded to the first phase making 456 comments and this feedback has helped inform draft plans for Llangollen, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Meliden, Dyserth, Rhuddlan, Bodelwyddan, St Asaph, Denbigh, Ruthin and Corwen.

The project focuses on the 11 towns in Denbighshire selected by Welsh Government as the designated localities in the county.

The draft plans show existing routes that already meet active travel standards, routes which require upgrading to meet the standards and new routes we would like to see built over the next 15 years.

The county is now asking if the proposed walking and cycling routes will help people get around their local area more as a pedestrian and a cyclist, and if not what other improvements are needed.

* For information on how to provide feedback go to


Sunday, May 23, 2021

County chiefs promise to investigate planter traffic incidents

* Llangollen Advocate's picture of the knocked-over 
Castle Street planter.

County council chiefs say they will investigate latest traffic incidents involving the planters in Castle Street and consider potential solutions. 

The Llangollen Advocate group, which has been campaigning against the social distancing measures installed along one side of Llangollen’s main street, has complained about a number of incidents where the planters – which replaced earlier bollards – have been struck by traffic. 

Latest example came last Wednesday when one of the plastic containers was ripped from its mountings by a passing lorry. 

Advocate obtained both stills pictures and video footage of the incident copies of which it emailed to county and town councillors. 

Llanblogger was also sent a copy of the email in which Advocate said: “Please note the attached photos which show a planter which has been knocked over by a passing vehicle this morning in Castle Street. 

“It is fortunate that that a member of the public was not there to be struck by the planter when this incident happened. 

“It clearly evidences the fragility of these items and the fact that they are not fit for purpose.”

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “We have noted the recent incident where a lorry waiting to turn right into Market Street struck one of the planters on Castle Street. 

“We have also been made aware that there have been further recent incidents where lorries have mounted the pavement on Castle Street. 

“Our Road Safety team will investigate these latest incidents and consider potential solutions.”

MP hails 70th anniversary of heritage railways

* Simon Baynes MP during a recent visit to Llangollen Railway.

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes has welcomed the 70th anniversary of heritage railways in the United Kingdom, the success of which paved the way for saving the Llangollen Railway – one of the principal tourist attractions in his constituency.

Mr Baynes, who is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Heritage Rail, praised the volunteer heroes without which he said heritage railway would be a pipe dream.

On May 14, 1951 the first heritage train service run by volunteers set out on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales and triggered a heritage railway movement that has now grown to 158 railways across the United Kingdom.

Mr Baynes said: “I’m very pleased to mark the 70th anniversary of heritage railways and am very much looking forward to seeing the Llangollen Railway re-open soon to bring more tourists and visitors back to the beautiful Dee Valley. 

"Congratulations to the pioneering Talyllyn Railway which ran the first train with volunteers on 14 May 1951 and inspired over 150 heritage railways throughout the UK, including our own Llangollen Railway.”

Saturday, May 22, 2021

St Collen's celebrates its saint's day with evensong

* Vicar, Father Lee Taylor, leads the worship from the choir stalls.

* The socially-distanced congregation.

* Simon Baynes MP gives the first reading of the service.

* June Cook provides the second reading. 

St Collen's Church celebrated its own saint's day with a special evensong yesterday.

Worship was led by the vicar, Father Lee Taylor, with members of the large congregation all properly socially distanced.

As singing is not allowed due to Covid-19 regulations, musical items were provided by a highly proficient choir augmented by Father Lee.

One of the lessons was read by Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes.

The event was originally supposed to have been rounded off with a barbecue outdoors but, due to the continuing rain, burgers, wine and soft drinks were served inside the church by the socially-distanced worshippers. 

Latest roadworks alerts for Llangollen

The latest local roadworks alert from is:


Castle Street

24 May — 28 May


Delays likely - Traffic control (give & take)


Works location: Castle Street


Works description: 24/5/21-28/5/21/Jayne Valentine/Drainage Survey/Give and take...


Responsibility for works: Denbighshire County Council


Current status: Advanced planning


Works reference: QR015S000000001750



Brook Street

24 May — 11 June


Delays possible - Traffic control (two-way signals)


Works location: A5, Near Star Inn, Regent Street, Llangollen


Works description: Refurbishment of Traffic Signal - Replacement of Traffic Signal Poles, Tactile Paving & White Lining


Responsibility for works: Welsh Government


Current status: Advanced planning


Works reference: PD50121111154023798 



Market Street

24 May — 28 May


Delays unlikely - Traffic control (give & take)


Works location: Market Street


Works description: 24/5/21-28/5/21/Jayne Valentine/Drainage Survey/Give and take...


Responsibility for works: Denbighshire County Council


Current status: Advanced planning


Works reference: QR015S000000001745 



Oak Street

24 May — 28 May


Delays unlikely - Traffic control (give & take)


Works location: Oak Street


Works description: 24/5/21-28/5/21/Jayne Valentine/Drainage Survey/Give and take...


Responsibility for works: Denbighshire County Council


Current status: Advanced planning


Works reference: QR015S000000001746