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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Road safety concerns raised over Post Office move

* The Castle Street./A5 junction.

A Llangollen resident has contacted a top roads official to raise concerns about road safety when the town’s Post Office switches from its present location to Stan’s supermarket next month.
Martin Crumpton wrote to Andy Stewart, route manager for North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent, which works on behalf of the Welsh Govrnment, to say: “On July 22, Llangollen's Post Office moves from Castle to the other side of the traffic lights on the A5, some 20-25m further.
“The three-way traffic lights are timed solely for cars and the junction is already hazardous for pedestrians.
“After the move, more elderly and people with poor mobility will need to cross the busy A5.
“Please investigate as a matter of urgency.”
Mr Stewart replied: “With regard to your enquiry about the traffic signal junction of the A5 Trunk Road and Castle Street, it would not be possible to introduce a pedestrian phase without causing significant delays to traffic on both the trunk and county roads both of which now exist at peak times. 
“Denbighshire CC have looked at providing a pedestrian crossing phase within the signal timings, however recent collision data does not highlight a pedestrian accident problem and this would be required to support changes.”
Mr Crumpton responded to him: “I have to say I am not only disappointed but deeply offended that there has to be a body count, or at least a significant number of A&E admissions with all their human costs, before such an obvious danger can be made safe.  

“Perhaps I’m naive in thinking that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Perhaps I just don’t feel I have the right to place a monetary value on a human life.”

1 comment:

  1. I hate having to repeat a point, but this concern seems to assume that any pedestrians are starting from the old Post Office and crossing the A5 to Stan's. The majority of the town's residents, who might be prepared to walk to Stan's (but might think twice about walking to the proposed Sainsbury's, whose stores also accommodate previously endangered post offices), live on the east side of the town. South-east, no problem, simply walk along Regent Street or down Hill Street. North-east and there is access across the A5 via two pedestrian crossings. When the Post Office moved to Stan's in St Martin's the hours and the parking were improved. I understand the same will apply to Llangollen, which can only be beneficial to all. I have a lot of respect for Martin, but I can't help feeling this is an issue that hasn't been completely thought through and comes well after the original consultation period for the move has closed.