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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Police confirm skimming devices found on Llan cashpoints

llanblogger has just had the following message from local county councillor Stuart Davies:

"Sketchy details care coming in that skimming devices have been used in Llan cash machines today. I will update when I find out more."

Since Cllr Davies' warning, North Wales Police has now issued the following press release about the "skimming" which has taken place locally:

Cash machine users in the Llangollen area are being urged to check the machines before they use them.
The warning is being made following a recent spate of fraud offences whereby skimming devices have been placed on cashpoints in the area.
Once the 'skimmer’ device is in place, it will fail to eject your card and will record your card details.
For this reason, officers are urging people who use such machines to check the card slot to ensure that there is nothing unusual about its appearance.
The ‘skimmers’ are usually attached over the slot where you enter your card and spray painted to match - making the devices hard to spot.
Cash machine users are also urged to check for any scratches on the machine, sticky residue, tape or other signs of tamper as well as any part of the machine that looks like it's more new, or made from a different material than the rest. Missing LED lights above the card slot machine can also be a giveaway - if the ATM you're using usually has them.
Anyone who suspects anything untoward is urged to contact police on 101 or the ATM operator immediately - ideally using your mobile from in front of the ATM.

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