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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Stranded Cat Meade 'overwhelmed' by support from back home

* How Cat Meade's Gofundme page stood this morning (Thursday).

Community champion Cat Meade says she is "overwhelmed" by the love and support she is getting from people back in Llangollen after they learned of how she and her family have been stranded in Spain after her elderly mother fell ill while on holiday.

llanblogger revealed yesterday (Wednesday) how hundreds of pounds had been raised within just a day by friends and well-wishers back at home to help the family's plight. 

Cat had decided to treat her mother, who was recovering from Covid, and her young son Connor to a Christmas break in Benidorm when the older lady became ill only days after arriving in the Spanish resort. 

Cat, who has raised thousands of pounds and arranged practical support for a variety of local good causes over the past couple of years, has been keeping friends at home in touch with developments via her Facebook page. 

The updates have revealed how with her mum’s chest infection taking longer to clear up than expected the potential bill for the hospital where she is being cared for has become a concern.

After reading this one of her friends, Jane Townend, has launched an online page to help Cat which has so far attracted £850 towards its goal of £2,500.

Jane said in her introduction to her page: “They cannot fly home tomorrow (Tuesday 27th Dec), they are having to pay to stay on in Spain, not sure insurance will pay for hospital so this is a starter to help how we can. If it raises more than needed for paying to stay on for at least another week and insurance does pay then it can help for going away again when mum is better."

Through social media Cat is now well aware of the efforts going on back home to help her family.

And in a post yesterday evening she says: "It's been a challenging few days, which have caused hurdle after hurdle! I've just caught up with Facebook and messages, Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts for Mum, it really means a lot.

"We are overwhelmed by the Gofundme page which my lovely friend Jane Louise Tornado has kindly set up and to all of you for donating. The situation currently is that we will require a private nurse and oxygen to fly home.

"The hospital will discharge mum if I find oxygen. Yes, as they can't assist with that! Anyway I've found some so hoping to get her to hotel at least tomorrow with the oxygen supply.

"Need to then sit tight on the insurance making a yes/no (maybe a few days) I'm hoping they will sort but after the stories I've heard here and pathetic reasons why. I'm not overly confident. Yes, all her medical info was declared, yes, I took out insurance, yes, it's with a decent firm.

"Worse case we looking at approx £8k for medical bill, private nurse etc. We are already almost £2k paid out on extra accommodation,  hospital fees, oxygen etc etc.

"I just wanted to keep you all updated and thank you to my amazing friends back home and Llangollen community for all helping us. A truly unbelievable experience. Praying for good news soon. xxx."

* Cat's page is at: 


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