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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Appeal launched after illness strands Llan family in Spain

* Cat Meade, left, with her son Connor and mum.

Hundreds of pounds has already been raised by friends and well-wishers back at home to help a well-known Llangollen community champion stranded in Spain after her elderly mother took ill while on holiday. 

Fundraiser Cat Meade had decided to treat her mother, who was recovering from Covid, and her young son Connor to a Christmas break in Benidorm when the older lady became ill only days after arriving in the Spanish resort. 

Cat, who has raised thousands of pounds and arranged practical support for a variety of local good causes over the past couple of years, has been keeping friends at home in touch with developments via her Facebook page. 

The updates have revealed how with her mum’s chest infection taking longer to clear up than expected the potential bill for the hospital where she is being cared for has become a concern.

And after reading this one of her friends, Jane Townend, has launched an online Gofundme page to help Cat which, in just over a day, has attracted more than £400 in pledges of support. 

Cat’s first Facebook update said: “Not what we had planned coming away for Xmas. Mum took ill and doctor called. She’s in hospital with chest infection. Will be there till at least Monday on oxygen and meds. Just praying she can fly home Tuesday. Now to tackle the insurance.” 

Later she posted again: “We may not be in our fancy hotel rocking away but it’s Christmas Eve and we are all together. Me and Connor rocking the hospital all-nighter to be with mum.”

* The Gofundme page set up for Cat Meade and her family.

And then: “No way flying home as we should tomorrow, so mum’s not getting out for at least 3/4days. Bless her. Stuck here. Insurance still debating. Care for a private hospital is shocking. Not that we had a choice where the ambulance took her. Our Xmas break which was so needed turned into a living nightmare. Three-day break and never-ending stress. About to blow!”

In her Facebook post on Boxing Day Jane Townend said: “For those of you who know Cat Meade please support her and her family. Her mum has been taken ill whilst on holiday in Spain (a treat for them all after her mum having Covid and being in hospital last year).

“They cannot fly home tomorrow (Tuesday 27th Dec), they are having to pay to stay on in Spain, not sure insurance will pay for hospital so this is a starter to help how we can. If it raises more than needed for paying to stay on for at least another week and insurance does pay then it can help for going away again when mum is better.

“A very stressful and anxious time. Please support Cat as she is always the first to help others in Llangollen and further afield. Funds will be set to go to Cat directly, the link will go to her to set up to receive it.”

In a further post Jane adds: “Anytime there is a cause or something needs support she fundraises. She’s always helping. She collected gifts for children and families in Llangollen before she went away for Christmas.”

Up until this morning, the Gofundme page for Cat had attracted pledges totalling over £400 towards its goal of £2,500.

It can be seen at: 

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