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Monday, September 11, 2023

Vandals steal paving stone from library steps

* A gap left by the missing paving stone on the library steps.

Anti-social behaviour in the town entered a new phase when one of the paving stones on the steps leading to the town’s library and Tourist Information Centre was ripped up and carried away over the weekend. 

And a county councillor for the area has called on North Wales's chief constable and Police and Crime Commissioner to come up with a strategy to combat what she has called "unacceptable" levels of public disorder in Llangollen.

The gap left by the paving stone theft was covered by safety barriers earlier today (Monday). 

The incident has been playing out on Facebook since early morning and someone commented that they saw teenagers carrying it towards the bus stop around 6.40 in the evening, although they don’t say which evening. 

The person who originally posted about the stone on Facebook said later: “There is CCTV footage of teenagers skateboarding etc on the steps most of the evening and leaving lots of litter.” 

This afternoon another person posted that they had seen the missing paving stone on the steps leading down to the canal on the way up to the school. 

There have been a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour in the town in past weeks, including reports of abuse of staff and theft from local businesses. 

Llangollen county councillor Karen Edwards said: "As the end of the summer season draws to a close the hot weather of last weekend brought many visitors to the town. Incidents of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and theft occurred, some of which have been reported on social media and to me directly. 

"Whilst the town’s economy relies mainly on tourism , we also find that it can bring to the town the worst elements of todays society. This is unacceptable for residents, challenging for our local businesses and bad for tourism.

"As one of your elected representatives I have written to the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner to highlight this issue. The police have a responsibility to deal with matters of public disorder and to protect, assist and reassure the community.

"There needs to be a far better strategy to respond to these problems when they occur, and I have asked for a meeting with the Chief Constable to progress this matter. I will of course keep you informed of the response I receive in due course. 

"We all have a stake in ensuring that the town in which we live remains a great place where decency and community spirit prevails over the things which would blight our society. It will be an uphill struggle, but complacency is not an option."

Denbighshire County Council has been asked to comment.  

* A safety barrier was erected around the gap later. 

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