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Monday, September 4, 2023

ITV Wales news item puts eisteddfod's future under spotlight

* Ken Skates MS puts his viewpoint to ITV Wales reporter Joanne Gallacher.

llanblogger's Phil Robinson gave his view of the current problems facing Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in a TV news item earlier tonight (Monday).

He was filmed for an ITV Wales story on the future of the festival which was aired on the evening bulletin.

Also interviewed for the item was Clwyd South Assembly Member Ken Skates and Shea Ferron, who is one of the six new members of the eisteddfod's board of trustees.

Phil Robinson, who has covered the eisteddfod as a reporter for the Wrexham Leader, as a press officer for a communications company and also for his news blog, was asked by ITV Wales reporter Joanne Gallacher what needed to be done to ensure the survival of the festival after it recorded a substantial loss on this year's event and and been forced to to make its musical director redundant as a direct result of the financial situation. 

* New trustee Shea Ferron is interviewed on the eisteddfod situation.

After stressing how many people were getting behind the eisteddfod, he said changes were definitely needed.

He explained: "This year some of the evening concerts weren't that well attended, although the one featuring Alfie Boe, the top concert of the week, was a sell-out, so they've got to look at the concerts as well as other things."

Earlier in the item Joanne Gallacher said the eisteddfod needed not only to survive but also to thrive and that volunteers, who were now in charge of the entire event following the departure of musical director Camilla King, had vowed the eisteddfod would continue next year.

Shea Ferron told her: "We are aware that the loss was a substantial amount and hence why we had to make the very difficult decision to make redundant one of the major roles of the eisteddfod."

* llanblogger's Phil Robinson was asked for his opinion on the festival's future. 

Asked how volunteers in charge, like himself, a student, would go out and promote the eisteddfod given that most had other jobs, he replied: "No matter what our commitments we will find the time because of the love that we all have for this festival."

Ken Skates MS was asked if the Welsh Government was likely to hand any further financial aid to the eisteddfod on top of the £90,000 it had already allocated in the current financial year.

The reporter also pointed out it was being said that the National Eisteddfod received more financial support from the government in Cardiff.

Mr Skates replied that he wouldn't like to play one event off against another and added: "The International Eisteddfod exists to promote world peace. It exists to draw people in. It aligns well with the Welsh Government's declared status as a sanctuary nation, and perhaps that is where we could see stronger support from the government."

The report concluded with Joanne Gallacher saying that the volunteers were adamant that the eisteddfod would continue.

She added: "Sponsorship deals are in place, fingers crossed, and they have got a list of stars that they hope will come to the Pavilion next year.

"I can't tell you who the big names are but they are impressive." 

* ITV Wales reporter Joanne Gallacher winds up the story from the bridge.


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