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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Stranded street sign 'is in only viable place' says council


* The left-turn sign now in the middle of the pavement. 

A street sign "stranded" in the middle of the footway by pavement widening on Castle will have to stay where it is, says the county council.  

Since contractors put in the new paving slabs along the town's main street as part of the on-going 2020 project the no left-turn sign which was once on the kerbline is now smack in the middle of the flags.

People have complained on social media that it is now a hazard to pedestrians and looks plain odd.

llanblogger asked Denbighshire County Council, which is overseeing the work, for an explanation and has been told by a spokesperson: "This regulatory sign for a prohibition of left turn has been erected on the eastern footway of Castle Street between the junction of Bridge Street and Oak Street.

“As a regulatory sign, it must be installed on site. 

"We looked at alternative locations but due to the number of services under the footway including gas, electric and telecommunications, this was the only viable location.”

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